William the Last #1 – G.I. Gary Advance Comic Review

July 18, 2018 Author: Gary Viola

“William the Last” #1
Antarctic Press
Solicited for October 2018

Brian Shearer, best known for working on IDW titles such as G.I. Joe and Transformers, has had his own webcomic for the last few years. He started self publishing a couple of years ago, but is now bringing “William the Last” to Antarctic Press.

The book is a fantasy story for all ages. It centers around a boy named William, who lived on an island with his grandfather. In the center of this island is a cliff-like mountain with it’s top in the clouds. The story is set up around what happens after William climbs to the top. The characterizations in this book are a bit limited as it is an introduction story, but it still accomplishes the task of making the cast engaging.  It certainly made me want to follow along and see what happens next, and how Shearer develops his characters.

The colors are done with marker and Shearer seems to use all the colors in his arsenal for fully fleshed panels. Character design is in an animation style that looks effortless for him to maintain. His backgrounds are richly detailed and make the setting as inviting, or as ominous as he wants to convey.  His layouts are a rather conventional panel style, but it works.  The eye is easily guided. Shearer’s experience and work in professional comics serves this book well.

This comic is a solid 5 out of 6 beers on the Pint O’ Comics six pack scale. It is a great all ages book to get the whole family reading.

Preview copy provided by Brian Shearer


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