The Pint Invades Brass City Comic Con 2018

April 29, 2018 Author: Lou Federico


In this edition of “The Pint Invades” we had the pleasure of attending Brass City Comic Con on April 22nd, now on it’s 8th year, it once again took place on the campus of Naugatuck Valley Community Collage, it was a fun little show, with plenty of time to look through the good ol’ quarterbox, and catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. And in what has become a con ritual, yours truly was busy taking pictures, and videos of our day to share with all of you.

Our day of course started with a trip in a creepy elevator and an video update, you might notice that there was a Jon missing in said video, there was a really good reason for that….We lost him….And pay no mind to the wind sounds in the video, I purchased a new mic and greatly underestimated its sensitivity, YAY for new equipment though!!!!!



The Jo(h)n’s had a chance to catch up with frequent guest of the show Professor Bill Foster, and talented local artist Cesar Feliciano.

As an aside, I own that Thanos print in the pic on the right and it is fantastic, one of my absolute favorites.


This is the face I get from Sir Jon when I shove the camera in his face too much, I think he is getting sick of me…


One of the nice things about the smaller shows is the ability to dig through long boxes looking for deals on classic books. One of our longtime friends Dave Bemis is a local purveyor of comics, and he alway seems to find the best stuff. I have no idea who he sold his soul to in order to aquire these books, but I’m glad he did.


We also had the pleasure of running into the fine folks from Connecticut Gaming Center, they are a new local Mom and Pop shop celebrating their grand opening on May 4th!!! Make sure to stop on by and check them out!!!




We also had a chance to catch up with the absolute Road Warrior of the local comic scene Matt Ryan of Free Lunch Studios in Tariffville, CT ( there is no harder working man in the local scene, and you can be guaranteed if there is a show in the area he will be there. I actually saw him doing commissions at a tag sale the other day, the owners were selling some comic books, and he just set up next to the boxes full of 90’s Image books.

He runs an “Art showdown” where two people compete head to head drawing all sorts of wacky images chosen and voted on by the audience. They are great fun, Matt’s personality just steals the show. Of course as the official “Sponsors” Ganache and The Manster had to compete. I highly recommend watching all 3 but if you want to see the boys specifically, jump directly to the third video.



And before we headed off to Jake’s Wayback for some lunch the boys cut a wrap up video.

I want everyone to notice that The Manster is clearly the most intelligent guy in this video, you can tell because he is wearing a Hawkeye shirt. I have also learned that I really need to try and upload the videos in HD. 39 Years old and I’m figuring out how to use YouTube.

That pretty much puts a bow on our day at Brass City Comic Con 8, on a personal note, I love these smaller shows, this is the type of show the industry was built on, and in this day of “Mega Cons” it’s so nice to be able to chat with longtime friends and contemporaries in a smaller environment.

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To One Another.


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