The Great Game, Harvester 14-15, 596 CY (Day 2-3)

December 9, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


Or thereabouts…

The party continues their search for the villainous vampire Lord of Staad, while suspecting they aren’t necessarily where they started. The group was in the beginnings of a battle situation with a creepy vampire-like ghoul…

Day 2

As the party began to defend the former belltower structure, the wampyr outside took fire from Zeke and Fezgil on the higher floors, while Nadrine, Morton and Zebediah Obadiah prepared spells on the lower floors. A great wolf rushes into the ground floor and attacks Golbagai and Giraud. Riko became enamored by the wampyr and moved to attack his comrades as a woolly mammoth appeared outside the building to attack the ugly wampyr. The group inside continued to fight the wolf and defend themselves against Riko, as Gerrit and Graham moved in to assist. The mammoth was assailed by another wampyr creature and two wolves at its feet, allowing the first wampyr to move towards the interior and an attacking Golbagai. Fezgil made himself aware to the wampyr on the back of the mammoth, who went intangible and reappeared in front of him. A third wampyr appeared in the top floor of the tower, to attack Zeke, bringing others to bear on them as Golbagai and Giraud dispatched the wampyr and the wolf. The mammoth tromped on the two other wolves as the wampyrs on the higher tiers pressed their attacks, striking both Fezgil and Zeke while fending off spells tossed at them from Morton and Nadrine. A short time later the two remaining wampyrs were dispatched, though all three had turned to a mist form and didn’t leave a trace behind.

Licking their wounds, the group chose to use up a Shadow Walk spell to move the short distance from the belltower to the church, surprising Darrovick awake and scaring him enough to wet himself. Darrovick allows the group to settle in for the rest of the night.

Day 3

Darrovick was impressed that the party survived the night against the wampyr, causing Zeke to physically assault the poor, overtired priest again. Both he and Fezgil are feeling the effects of the wampyr attack and Darrovick isn’t capable of assisting. He does give the group some ideas as to how to defeat the wampyr, a word that annoys an ever angrier Zeke.

The group decides to leave the church and head directly towards the castle of the Baron, some slightly annoyed with the fact they could have ridden a comfy coach rather than walk into the mountains. On the way through Pottsylvania, they are met by a man named Zito, claiming to be an emissary of the Baron, and their newest guide to the castle. He claims to be a member of the Carna people, who have made a compact with the Baron. Should the party travel with Zito, they will go unharassed through the mountains. He claims to have mounts at the Carna camp, just under a day’s walk outside of Pottsylvania that the group can also use. The party lets Zito lead them on.

Just prior to sundown, Zito leads the group into the Carna camp, comprised mostly of tents and large wagons, situated near a stream and pond. There are around 80 people in the camp, women and men, all of dark hair and dark eyes. A corral of animals is seen and two large tents have been set aside for the party to bunk in. Zito asks any that wish to can visit with the Carna leader, their Madame. She wishes to meet everyone individually. Fezgil, having remained invisible since leaving Pottsylvania, chooses to sit in on every meeting.

The Madame, an aged, nearly toothless woman, meets with Golbagai, Riko, Zeke, Giraud, Morton and finally Nadrine to tell their fortunes. She takes a token from each, from a platinum coin to spit to semen. She offers marriage to all, causing some discomfort and theories from everyone as they share their visits. Giraud used an item to determine if the Madame was telling the truth during his fortune, in which he learned nearly everything she said was a lie. Zeke chose to follow through with a specific from his fortune ensure it comes true while Fezgil checked the camp out for potential magical charms.

“I got my nipples pierced.” ~ Zeke (undated)

Zeke continues his enjoyment of the camp, sleeping with at least one married woman while the others try to fend off the women being shown to them. Giraud questions Zito while using his lie detecting magical item and learning little more than Zito is adept at skirting answers to detailed questions. Fezgil tells the others that there isn’t much magic at the camp, relieving the others to a night of rest before hiking up the mountainside.

Session end.

“How hairy are these people?” ~ Nadrine (undated)

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