The Great Game, Harvester 11 through 13, 596CY

November 24, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)



With the suspected evil gnome “Terry” dead, the group waited out the night to see if they’d be harassed further. Morton destroyed the remains of “Terry” by throwing them in one of the burning buildings. As night progressed, the fog receded and the party was able to rest relatively easy, working out a plan for the following day.

On the 12th of Harvester, the group settled on a course of action, choosing to head towards the next nearest village on the map to the east. Before leaving, Morton checked on the burned remains of “Terry”, ensuring they hadn’t moved. He was pleased to learn they were still in the fire.

The uneventful plod to the next village showed a settlement about the same size as the Village of Hope, though completely abandoned and surrounded by a ramshackle fence. On the trail entrance to it, there was a sign post and a crucified human boy. Upon investigation, the boy had been there for some time, had no signs of damage other than hands and ankles being nailed to the cross. Golbagai lifted the boy’s head, which was missing eyes. At that point a voice emanated from the corpse, warning the group that they were not welcome, they should return to their homes or they would be eliminated.

The group vainly ignored the warning, discussing its meaning and whether or not it was meant for them specifically. Entering the village, the buildings were seen to have damage, windows open, doors smashed, walls scratched or bashed in. No bodies were found, though it looked as if the townsfolk were taken by force. Cellars were searched, with the only discovery being preserved food stores and winter goods for the coming season.

Hallanel, the root collector, was removed from the magical bag of mass capacity, for Fezgil to attempt to return him to reality. After a pair of futile attempts, Morton made his attempt. The spell cast upon the blindfolded and bound lad seemed to work, though his fellow villager Wilber was needed to determine if in fact he had been returned to his previous self. Hallanel couldn’t help and Wilber was paranoid about being taken from the bag, so they were both returned to the safety of the magical null-space. A building was chosen to camp out for the rest of the day, in preparation of arriving at the location of Lord Staad the next day. Provisions were taken from some of the villagers homes and stored in the bag.

On the 13th, Nadrine was concerned for the health of both Wilber and Hallanel, taking them out of the bag to feed them properly. Zebediah Obadiah then took it upon himself to show them “the light”, preaching the ways of Pholtus. Golbagai buried the crucified boy. The group discussed their mounts and the need for them for a time, then leaving for where the watchtower of Staad was marked on the map.

At slightly after mid-day, Riko spotted an area of thick, heavy, dark fog directly ahead, covering a massive area in all directions. Approaching the fog carefully, the party spent some time investigating. Fezgil determined the fog to be magical in nature while the rest discussed leaving their mounts behind again. Wanting to test to see if the fog was debilitating in some way, Golbagai threw a rock in, with no results. Shoshana offered up her horse as a test animal after much talk of whose should be used. Riko tied a rope to the horse and sent it into the fog, then drew it back out after it got to the end of the rope. Upon its return, it seemed fine and Killian spoke to it. The horse was scared and upset, missing its master but otherwise unharmed.

A curious Fezgil entered the fog, found it to be so thick that he could barely see the ground from his saddle, couldn’t see the sun in the sky, but could hear his companions from where he was. He backed out, unharmed. Taking a torch from Golbagai, he re-entered the fog and didn’t return.

Once Fezgil could no longer be heard, Killian took out her magical gemstone of seeing, peering through the fog, looking for her companion. She didn’t see Fezgil, but did see four different settings some ways into the fog. One, a lone stone tower stood at a hilly apex, surrounded by ramshackle sheds of some type. One was a larger, more sophisticated town in the distance, with a mountainous region behind it. One was a prosperous looking castle. The last was a road leading into a mountainous area. Morton took the stone and witnessed what Killian had described to the rest of the party, believing it to be some sort of portal magic. The group chose to leave their mounts behind, taking the gear and stowing it in the magical bag. Interlocking hands, arms, etc., the group stepped into the fog as one, calling out for Fezgil.

With Killian leading using the gemstone, she found Fezgil and began to lead the group towards the distant town with mountains beyond…

Session end.

“Try and be a little less ‘murder-ey’.” ~ Killian, 11th of Harvester, 596 CY

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