The Best of 2018 – Determined by YOU!

December 2, 2018 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

With the continued success of Pint O’ Comics, we are always looking to spread word of great works and to do so, we’ve created the first Pint O’ Comics Awards, a likely annual event where we let you choose your favorites amongst the categories listed. We ask that all votes are sent in to, filled out to the best of your completion, and only sent once. Ballot stuffing will be met with much chagrin, and you’ll get the frowning of a lifetime. Behold! Introducing…

The Pint Awards~ Pint O’ Comics Favorites of 2018

Pint O’ Comics “Top Shelf” Awards

The “Top Shelf” Awards are your favorites in all the categories listed. Please keep them to releases from within the year 2018. The categories are self-explanatory, and are not meant to be solely localized on comics. Voters are free to select far and wide throughout all facets of “pop culture”!

Toast of the Industry Award (For Excellence within Fandom)

This award is meant for the one person you believe has done more for the fan community in 2018 than any other. It can be a writer, promoter, publisher, artist, politician or any other soul you think is deserving of Pint O’ Comics’ recognition.

Complimentary Best:

This award is for the listeners to let us know what you like best about Pint O’ Comics. We want to know what you like best about us and we’ll strive to improve on those that you select. Make your selections count!

The Pint O’ Comics Awards voting will continue through January 31st, 2019. Votes will be compiled and released in February of 2019. Again, send your completed ballots to:! If you feel compelled, you can also send a printout via regular mail to Pint O’ Comics, c/o WESU, 45 Broad St, Middletown, CT, 06457. We’d be amazed to get some real mail in our box!


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