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The Soup Bill

Welcome to the 7th Circle of Scary Larry’s House Of Universal Horror. What awaits you ask? A musical, that’s what. Yes 1943’s Phantom Of The Opera, starring Universal’s swiss army knife himself, Claude Rains is featured. There is a reason that this is the shortest Pint episode ever… Don’t let that deter you from a Read More

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Shelf Gratification: Ghoulish

In this edition of “Shelf Gratification” Ganache takes a look at April Snellings’ career retrospective of revered genre artist “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin. Pullin has been in the industry for decades, and is currently an art columnist for “Rue Morgue” magazine. His work has touched on everything from Horror, to Sci Fi, and even movies such Read More

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Shelf Gratification: Batman 100 Greatest Moments

Robert Greenberger, former editor at DC Comics, Starlog, and Comics Scene has been spending the last few years working on some fantastic retrospective books for Quarto Publishing. Under the “100 Greatest Moments” banner he has already tackled The Justice League, DC Comics Heroines (which I reviewed for this very website, give it a look), and Read More

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