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Toast With No Butter On It (Prometheus)

Mike Simonetta from CT Cult Classics joins us again, this time to try out a Triple T episode. 2012’s Alien adjacent Prometheus is discussed. What mistakes were made? What worked? Space cobras, why did that happen? Mike discusses an alternate cut several times during the show, here is the link to download if interested. Listen Read More

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G.I. Gary’s Pull List Pick of the Week – 8/31/17 *Spoilers*

Before I go into this review I want to remind readers that IDW is publishing two continuities of G.I. Joe.  There is “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero,” still written by Larry Hama and that is still in its own original universe. This book that I’m about to review, has no connections to it. “G.I. Joe” Read More

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