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Did I Click You Off?

Michael Kelleher. Art restorer. The Indiana Jones of The 4 Color. A man who enjoys a quiet car ride. Mike joins the boys on WESU for a too short hour of laughs and a trip down literary and history. We discuss his important contributions to helping bring forgotten works back to life and to the people Read More

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The Great Game, Ready’Reat 3 – Ready’Reat 4, 596 CY


Last session, the party had been split up, regrouped and had been surrounded by moaning villagers. After killing the entire group of 30 villagers, the party discovered a crying boy the following morning. The boy accused the group of killing his parents, but had instructions to lead them all to his Master Staad. This session Read More

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GaryCon VIII: An Adventure

It has been one week since my annual return from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, widely regarded as the place Role Playing Games were conceived. I have made the trek for the past seven years to participate in GaryCon, a small- to mid-sized congregation of game players celebrating the life of Gary Gygax, one of the creators Read More

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The Great Game, Harvester 24, 596 CY


At the end of last session, the half-orc warrior Giraud had broken the large, gem-like structure that had ensnared the soul-spirits of most of his fellow explorers. Using magical items borrowed from the others, he was able to protect himself and destroy the gemoid, with the hopes that all involved would be saved. Nearby, the Read More

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Pics to Fill Space

Arguably the best board game ever printed, Civilization (or the additional “Advanced” Civilization) continues to wreak havoc at game conventions and living rooms across the globe. Playable in just under 10 hours for a serious group of 7 (12 or more if you’re playing with less intensity or fewer bodies) this game will test the Read More

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The Great Game, Harvester 9 through 11, 596CY


The group of 15 left the city of Veluna, headed east towards the hills known as the Lorridges. Choosing to go directly into the hills, the group has an uneventful trek until the 10th, where they locate the first village. Investigations of the tiny settlement of gnome-sized homes have them finding the lone remaining villager, Read More

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