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He’s Got Resting Bitch Face

The 100 Proof Book Project is under quarantine! Lady G steps in to discuss the first 6 issues of 2016’s Black Widow, from creators Chris Samnee and Mark Waid. What will a complete and total non comic reader think about a story arc of a character she knows next to nothing about? well, that’s exactly Read More

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Raiders Of The Lost Longbox – Cyko Ko

In this edition of “Raiders Of The Lost Longbox” I am taking a look at a lighthearted three issue miniseries from Alterna Comics entitled “Cyko Ko”. Written and Illustrated by Rob Feldman, “Cyko Ko” follows the exploits of the titular robotic hero and his sidekick / co-star “Peachy Keen” (this name alone makes me smile) Read More

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G.I. Gary Reviews – Metaphase 2

Metaphase #2 August 2018 Alterna Comics Chip Reese – Creator & Writer Kelly Williams – Pencils, Inks, Colors Peter Simeti – Letterer, Edits Chip Reese’s son has Down Syndrome, and asked his dad why there were no super heroes that were similarly afflicted. Chip’s answer was to create Metaphase. Originally conceived as a trade paperback, Read More

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