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Upper Mifflington

We play another round of the filthy party game Pick Your Poison, as we did earlier this year. Ganache is the Gamesmaster and puts The Manster, Scary Larry and Ghost Stew thru the ringer with some truly awful choices. You thought Sophie’s Choice was a hard one? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Listen In! Check Read More

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Raiders Of The Lost Longbox – Cyko Ko

In this edition of “Raiders Of The Lost Longbox” I am taking a look at a lighthearted three issue miniseries from Alterna Comics entitled “Cyko Ko”. Written and Illustrated by Rob Feldman, “Cyko Ko” follows the exploits of the titular robotic hero and his sidekick / co-star “Peachy Keen” (this name alone makes me smile) Read More

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G.I. Gary Reviews – Metaphase 2

Metaphase #2 August 2018 Alterna Comics Chip Reese – Creator & Writer Kelly Williams – Pencils, Inks, Colors Peter Simeti – Letterer, Edits Chip Reese’s son has Down Syndrome, and asked his dad why there were no super heroes that were similarly afflicted. Chip’s answer was to create Metaphase. Originally conceived as a trade paperback, Read More

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