Superman: The Movie, an Anniversary of Filmmaking

September 5, 2018 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


This coming December of 2018, Superman: The Movie becomes 40 years old, and Back Issue Magazine is celebrating with a special focus issue to commemorate the cinematic blockbuster that had us all believing a man could fly.

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Forty years is a long time to forget how a single event can impact our fair world of comic books and related media. With such a massive focus on what’s in the now, fandom tends to lose track of how it all really began. All those fancy CGI-centric costumed hero epics bashing away at the silver screen these last few years still have to look up to that which indubitably came beforehand, the very first live-action Superman motion picture. Back Issue #109 will be bringing to the forefront of recollection everything about the film, from creating it to the effect on fandom with the Superman-mania that followed.

It’s obvious from these images that editor of Back Issue, Michael Eury, has done some extensive work on gathering worthy articles remembering the incredible successes Superman: The Movie brought upon a very surprised movie audience, not to mention the writers, artists and fans of the character stemming back a previous 40 years. The issue looks to be a great tribute to all that went into the making of the film, all while honoring the late Christopher Reeve. TwoMorrows, the publishers of Back Issue and many other fine magazines, will be donating 10% of all sales of the issue from comic book stores to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Back Issue #109, where you can see “the movie that makes a legend come to life” live again.

Back Issue #109 will be on sale at better comic book stores near you on November 14th, 2018. You can find it at the TwoMorrows website for order, but get those Friendly Comic Book Store sales up and add to a great donation to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Don’t know where to find a comic store? Use the Comic Store Locator Service. It’s useful!

Feel like being a hero and donating to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation on your own? You can do that here.

Many thanks to Michael Eury for all the great images… this brief was put together while listening to the amazing score from John Williams for Superman: the Movie!

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