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January 2, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


Many of the places I regularly visit on the internet are not ones I can recommend to a larger audience, mainly due to their specified focus. My interests run far and wide and I tend to find websites that are more information sourced than entertainment. One of them I have sent many a person to, though I usually restrict it to one of the site pages. The main site is called “Archaeologica” and it has a page that posts links to articles from other external locations such as newspapers or informational sources similar. All the links lead to articles or news about recent theories, digs, discoveries or trends in the science of archaeology. Daily posting of the links keeps everything organized by date, with all remaining active so long as the source maintains the material.

Over the years I’ve been visiting the page, I’ve read about a number of discoveries long before they become newsworthy in the US, particularly if it’s a discovery that might shift the beliefs of ongoing thought. The sheer amount of Roman ruins discovered in England above and beyond Hadrian’s Wall is a topic most in the US don’t even see come across their news, much less the discoveries happening in Poland on an almost daily basis. Shipwreck finds hit the Archaeological News page often, all across the globe. For interesting US-based discoveries, the finds on Roanoke Island regarding the first English colony in America are tantalizing, as are the further investigations of the “Mound People” of the Midwest. Some have heard about the location of the underwater “Stonehenge” of Lake Michigan, but I learned of it long beforehand, and with more detail, on Archaeological News.

Archaeologica has a forum for discussion if you’re into that, as well as a page linking to other sites more specified for resources. I prefer frequenting the news page over the rest of the site, but the main page offers much in the way of information for all sorts of fun, exciting, worldly discoveries that could change history. It’s a bare bones site, so don’t expect a lot of pretty baubles and whistles over the mass amounts of information. Enjoy it!

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