Shopping Suggestions 5: The Final Countdown

December 21, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


This week I’ll conclude the X-mas shopping season with some ideas for the pop culture nut in your family with a few ideas that I should have started this list with. As all of these places may or may not take time with customized requests, you can utilize many of these for future reference or maybe just a late gift. Hell, I’d just do it anyway; these are better than some mass-produced disc or toy.

Tom Taggart is an artist of unquestionable character, creativity and ability. He does all sorts of crazy things in various forms, such as sculptures and portraits, completely in his own unique vision. Tom has been known to work in the comic book field, having done covers and art for a variety of DC and Vertigo series, amongst others. If you’ve never seen his Danny the Street, then you’re missing out. Tom has some of his more readily available items easily procured from his Etsy page, or if you’re looking for more specific, wholly commissioned work, his website might be a better place to glean some ideas from. If you like the twisted and the odd, the fun or the weird, gorillas, robots or just something original and different, you’ll like Tom. He loves animals, too.

You’re not special enough to know Franchesco’s last name. Even he’s not special enough to know it. He’s had work published at a number of companies, with too many to list here. He is rather gifted when it comes to highly stylized, glamour art in the realm of Patrick Nagel and you might find something worth decorating your wall, room or ceiling with at his homepage. If not, you can’t go wrong with an original piece, because he loves drawing and probably would love sketching what you’ve got in your head. Really, just ask him to do Hillary Clinton as a torch room singer with Vince Foster and the Benghazi Five as her back-up band. He’d have fun with that one.

The Brothers Fraim are above and beyond, great sequential artists of a clean, crisp style that hearkens to an age nearly gone by. They are well-known for their fantasy art and work for many game companies, but they’ve done much work elsewhere, including novels and comics that surpass the single panel art usually seen in handbooks for role-playing scenarios. They are regular features at conventions and always are willing to do specific work. They’re usually pretty easy to tell apart, if you’re careful, and if one is bearded and one is not. If you only want one of them to do a piece, you might have to have them fight to first blood though. Find them HERE, and tell them I sent you.

As four is the number of all the previous Shopping Suggestions, I’ll end this list of great artists and creators willing to take commissions with the baby of the bunch. Lonny Chant has done quite a bit of work in the comics industry, most of it unknown outside of a series of projects called FUBAR. He’s got an amazing ability to draw things beyond the standard caped, costumed hero set that should be of interest to fans of science fiction or similar settings. Artists themselves like his thin line and shading, something I appreciate myself. Lonny wants to do more work and you want to give it to him. Plus, he’s got a family to feed and the last time he dressed as Luke Skywalker for a singing telegram didn’t end up so well. Find Lonny’s work at his page HERE… you don’t have to tell him I sent you. He’s still mad at me for not liking the last Star Wars movie.

Here’s hoping your holidaze ends with less haze and more yeas. Happy Festivus. Go support these guys.

Shopping Suggestions 4.

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