Shopping Suggestions 4: The Quest for Hope

December 13, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

A fourth edition for the 2015 Xmas shopping season starts with a recap for those that don’t wish to hit all the earlier posts. The list, in order of department:


Knights of the Dinner Table from KenzerCo.

Atomic Robo, formerly of Red 5 Comics, now at IDW Publishing.

Infinite Kung-Fu, a Top Shelf top buy.

Transformers, preferably the current IDW series, of which there are many and varied.


Family Business from Mayfair Games.

Cards Against Humanity from the company of the same name.

Lunch Money from Atlas Games.

Illuminati from Steve Jackson Games.

Whisper and Venom (amongst all the other games) from Lesser Gnome.

Honorable Mention to all the great products from Geek Fever Games.


Piracy: The Complete History from Osprey Publishing.

VEEPS: Profiles in Insignificance, another great book from the top shelf of Top Shelf.

Desire Lines, a great book by a true Scots patriot and getting harder to find this side of the pond.

The Felix Castor series by Mike Carey, paperbacks released through the Little, Brown Group.

To the Nines, the best nine-hole golf course book on the market from Anthony Pioppi.

The Barrow, Mark Smylie’s fantasy novel from Pyr.

Films or TV:

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NEW FRONTIER, the direct-to-DVD movie adaptation of the comic book series.

HARRY BROWN – the geriatric DEATH WISH.

THE BRASS TEAPOT, a wonderful dark fantasy.

STRANGER THAN FICTION, Will Ferrell’s best movie.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., in which you’ll wonder why Bruce Campbell was never hired to play Superman or Batman.

Rick and Morty, the darkest, funniest, smartest animated series to date.

New Tricks, a BBC police procedural that all American series could learn from.

Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, arguably the best interpretation of the DC characters put on screen.

Movies Unlimited, a great place to find all your DVD (and other) needs.


All of the fine, frothy, frosty beverages from Olde Burnside Brewing, in particular Dirty Penny Ale.

That’s a lot of items to check out, so in the interest of back scratching, I’ll just add a few more items from people I know and support fully.

So you know someone that likes anime, manga and poetry. It’s hard to find something that fits all three subjects in one place, isn’t it? Well, I have the best of the best, as well as what might well be the absolute first to break this ground. The Seven Scrolls of Shitorio: Vol. 1 Young Shitorio saw publication last year from Walk on Water Productions. Written by JJ Kirton, you’ll be surprised at the epic, modern verse while being entranced by the wild and crazy art of Tristan Powell. Make no mistake, this is no manga as such; it’s more akin to prose edda with pictures.

I recently spoke about beer and comics and their connections. In it, there are a few good selections for the beer enthusiast, mostly books. While Thimble Island Brewery, another fine Connecticut label, doesn’t have a superhero mascot, they do have some excellent beverages and might also be able to direct you to the treasure of Captain Kidd. You hopheads steal most of the shelf space these days and as a non-hop drinker, I would select Thimble Island’s Coffee Stout as their best featured beer.

For the table-top fantasy gamer, GP Adventures is on the cusp of producing one of the greatest dungeon crawls ever printed. The Marmoreal Tomb of Garn Pat’uul will soon be available to the general public but until it is, stop by the website to snap up some of the other products or even Ernie Gygax’s Sammi-Zowa and the Dueling Dragons, a great tale for the kids.

So you don’t like beer. You’re uninterested in games. You’re bored by comics. You’re likely not reading this page… but if you are or know someone that is like this description and likes mixed drinks, then check out all of the books by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, most of which were released by Slave Labor Graphics. The Bum is one of the premiere writers on the tiki drink, the history of the tiki phenomenon that flourished throughout the country between the 1930’s to the ‘60’s, and a master mixer himself. All of his books are fantastic, though the recipe volumes (Grog Log, Intoxica! and Taboo Table, all collected into Beachbum Berry Remixed) and Sippin’ Safari are the best place to start. You will learn from them, discover with them and find yourself on the floor the following day if you’re not careful.

Finally, I’d like to once again inform you of the Heart of Gold/Operation: Comfort YouCaring page, collecting donations for the homeless. Your heart might not be gold, but you can let it grow three sizes before the end of the season, if you wish.

Happy Festivus.




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