Shopping Suggestions 3: Season of the Which

December 8, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

As these suggestions have been readily received, I’ll continue the sequel-itis and dig deeper into the forever fun and oddball ideas for your friends and family – or that person you don’t know that well which you’ve been saddled with for some stupid “Secret Santa” situation at your job.

I’ve covered movies, basic tabletop games, comic series in general and books that I enjoy. While the realm of DVD is dying off slowly as it becomes simpler to download or join an online service, sometimes it’s nice to have some programs in a ‘hard copy’ form. These shows, whether released on TV, IP or otherwise, are all great to have in whatever version it’s feasible to get them in. Legally, of course.

 In all the time I’ve been associated with comics and games, I’ve met a great amount of people who I’ve retained as, at the least, friendly colleagues. I would be incredibly remiss if I didn’t cover some of their fine products for this Xmas gift buying season.

Finally, for those of you that prefer to send gifts in a different direction or just want to help during the colder months, Libby Carrier continues to run the Operation: Comfort collection of goods for nearby homeless through her Heart of Gold non-profit. You can learn the whole tale of Operation: Comfort and Heart of Gold at her YouCaring site. If you feel that tangible items are more your thing, she’s also willing to receive those. If you’d like to send something through standard mail or want a list of what she’s collecting, contact us here at the blog and we’ll get the message through to her.

Happy Festivus to you all.

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Shopping Suggestions

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