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Tony’s Pizza (8MM)

Another PMI coming at you! Our buddy Anthony joins us to talk about his choice of film, 1999’s 8MM. Nicolas Cage stars as a P.I. hired by an old lady Read More

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Wall Of Spaghetti (Scalped 1-11)

The Mikes from Forgotten Cin….wait, Forgotten Entertainment return to The Pint, but not to talk film. This time we have them join us for a 100 Proof Book Project, and Read More

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Suplex City

Stew from Stew World Order stops by again and joins us for a new Triple T episode for our Halloween Special. This time we are talking all about Rob Zombie’s Read More

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Zero Transmission

Paul from the incredible podcast The Countdown joins us to discuss his choice of movie for The Invitational: 1917. Is this film all technical prowess and no heart? How would Read More

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Rubber Pants

Old school style episode! We jump around a few topics, from comics we are enjoying, to upcoming Fathom Events and more. 156 is here and ready for your consumption, so Read More

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Bone Hungry

Top 10 Concerts. Larry and our new friend from the dark web Laura join us to discuss what shows floated our collective boats. Listen In! Check out this episode!

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Dead Men Can’t Jump

The TTT train is back, and our buddy from Forgotten Entertainment Mike Field returns to the show to see what it’s all about. The film that we are tasked with Read More

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The Canadian Effect

Scary Larry takes the helm, and Stew from the Pitt hangs with us as we watch and discuss 2007’s REC. Spanish Chinese families, zombies not zombies and strangely aging child Read More

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Hurray Satanism!

The 100 Proof Book Project settles on The Best There Is At What He Does, Wolverine. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. teamed up on Enemy Of The State a Read More

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I’m Asleep Right Now

Andy of the great podcast Ghosts Of The Stratosphere heeds the call and chooses wisely on his Pint Movie Invitational episode. The 1981 classic Raiders Of The Lost Ark is Read More

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