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Halloween Kills

The Stewarts, Rob and Amanda, join John to discuss the 109th entry into the Halloween series of films. Is this movie too goofy, or is it just going for a different vibe? We discuss whether or not the tone of this film lines up with the 1978 original, and laugh quite a bit as we Read More

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Halloween: Resurrection

Stew joins me for a second year in a row to discuss one of the Halloween franchise films, and if it deserves it’s trash reputation. This time Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes and Katee Sackhoff face off against MM in an extremely 2002 way. That’s right, it is the reality show debut for the quiet little Read More

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Ocean’s Eight

Random Randy Savage of Cult 45 Podcast joins John and Guest Host Dr. Joe as we discuss Randy’s choice of film, 2018’s Ocean’s Eight. Is the conversation about the movie better than the movie? What is the best fast food in Randy’s hometown of Houston? Does an inch less bun make a good dietary choice? Read More

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Top 10 Man Vs. Animal Films

Joe from The Horror Show returns to countdown our favorite Man Vs. Animal movies! Attacking ants, bedeviled bears and much more can be found right here,on your 209th Pint! Stay tune for a very special announcement regarding the show’s immediate future at the end!  Check out this episode!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Officer Mike joins us to determine if Han Solo’s origin story is bad, or if other circumstances helped sully it’s rep. From extreme production issues to a script that seems to throw in every kitchen sink in a 100 mile radius, we put Solo: A Star Wars Story on the Triple T trial of it’s Read More

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Candyman (2021)

Scary Larry joins John to discuss the latest film produced and written by Jordan Peele, a sequel to Candyman, also called….Candyman. How does this version fit in with the original if it does at all? Why are the counters at the local cinema glazed heavier than most donuts? Can the theater chains bully us into Read More

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Top 10 Movie Villains

Anders from Yet Another Star Wars Podcast joins us as we discuss our favorite baddies from film. What sets our picks apart from others? Why do they deserve to be remembered for their villainy more than others? Listen In and find out, right here on your 206th Pint! Check out this episode!

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Don’t Kill It

Season 2 of Scary Larry’s Pint O’ Horrors continues as we discuss this Dolph Lundgren vs. Demons and bad acting film. Could the budget have really been THAT high? Is the amazing story our good buddy Dave tells about a home invasion of the Lundgren residence be true? Can we trust Larry’s taste anymore? Listen Read More

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Fright Night (1985)

Our longtime buddy and Horror storyteller Isaac Thorne joins us on this episode. Isaac chose 1985’s Fright Night, a film he has loved for decades to discuss on this PMI episode. What costar wore fake breasts? Which one joined the porn industry? Why the f does Jerry eat apples every five minutes? Listen In and Read More

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No One Can Stop Me (Black Widow)

Stew covers for The Manster this week, just in time to help John review the long delayed Black Widow film. Where does this one fall in the MCU rankings? Was getting back to the movie theater a good experience? Answers inside! Listen In, 2 weeks til 200!!! Check out this episode!

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