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You Had Me At Hooker

So we sat down in 4 different places to test out different methods of recording remotely, and just ended up recording an impromptu conversation. No plans, no notes, and no audio quality! We are working on improving that last one though! Enjoy a pretty fun discussion from Covid to Star Trek and beyond. Listen In!! Read More

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Four Color Spotlight Episode 3!!!!

Holy Cow Everyone!!! it’s been a minute since yours truly has been wrapped up in Pint goodness. Unfortunately real life has a habit of invading our fun, and for a few weeks sacrifices needed to be made. But nevertheless, I am back and trying to get caught up with all the stuff I have been Read More

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He’s Got Resting Bitch Face

The 100 Proof Book Project is under quarantine! Lady G steps in to discuss the first 6 issues of 2016’s Black Widow, from creators Chris Samnee and Mark Waid. What will a complete and total non comic reader think about a story arc of a character she knows next to nothing about? well, that’s exactly Read More

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Gummy Throat

We live in new times. COVID 19 has made it irresponsible for podcasters to convene and record. The Pint was low on episodes so in these trying times, what can be done? Ganache goes solo for this ep in which he recommends some entertainment for the quarantined masses. Stay safe and healthy, and Sir Jon, Read More

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Is This A Real Episode?

Manster is out this week, so Sir Jon and Ganache bring the heat! Scary Larry picks his second film for The Invitational and brings along his fellow film nerd from Connecticut Cult Classics Mike Simonetta. What could possibly be up Larry’s sleeve this time? The Greasy Strangler, that’s what. If you know it, you know Read More

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You’re So Magnanimous

Filmmaker and friend Kurt Spieler drops by and lends his opinion to our latest list show. This time we discuss our Top 10 Favorite Movie Scenes Set To Popular Music. Originally planned to be a Top 5, this category proved to be pretty ripe for a bigger list, so that’s what we did. Follow Kurt, Read More

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Little House On The Larry

The 3rd edition of Scary Larry’s Pint O’ Horrors goes Disco! JLC, or Jamie Lee Curtis as you know her pads out her O.G. scream queen resume with this Slasher that contains a really small amount of slashing. Good news is, if you love disco dancing this one is spot on! Glittery ski masks, shards Read More

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The Roger Roger Dudes

Forgotten Cinema February continues on The Pint! Mike Butler makes his choice and decides to pick a very maligned entry in a very popular series. That’s right, we get down and dirty on The Phantom Menace. Butler’s partner in crime Mike Field barely can hide his venom for this one, and we have a lot Read More

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Chase The Dragon!

The Pint Movie Invitational is back and on this episode we bring the Mike’s of Forgotten Cinema Podcast onboard. Michael Field chooses the 1980 Disney film Midnight Madness, and his partner in crime Michael Butler sits in to discuss. From beer drinking jocks, to nerds who don’t understand coordinates, we guide you through this fun Read More

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Of Marks and Men – 2/10/20 RAW

OK look, I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t watched or read anything about wrestling since Monday of last week, I took some time for me, and did some raiding with the clan, haven’t had raid nights in some time, and well I miss it, so…. I’m out of the loop…. hang on… google here I Read More

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