Of Marks And Men – RAW 12/2/19

December 2, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Gonna start this off simple, Starcade this past Sunday was a waste, nothing more than a glorified house show, of which we only got to see 3 matches… Actually it is an insult to what Starcade was. But now we head into RAW, and the big news is Seth’s “Apology” so lets see how this one turns out, they have been teasing us with it for long enough, time to pony up!!!

8:03 – Samoa Joe on commentary tonight!!! Freaking LOVE it!!! he’s so damn good!!!

8:05 – It looks like they are going with the “Road to hell is paved with good intentions route” I actually like this setup.

8:07 – Kevin Owens is such a good talker, dude can cut a promo like none other, HE JUST SAID BULLSHIT!!!! WWE is edging up a little and I like it!!! But honestly I hope they are giving him more freedom to cut his own promos, he speaks for the “Everyman”

8:09 – Do you think that when Stone Cold started doing that “What?” thing back in the 90’s it would still be around 20 something years later?

8:12 – I love the fact that they are managing to push Kevin Owens in this whole “Seth / AOP” angle, when Seth falls from grace we know who the top face will be, and honestly there is no better choice.

8:16 – Owens / Lana promo war part 2!!!!! YES!!!!! His promo at Starcade was the stuff of LEGEND!!!

8:29 – I like how they are having Owens fight a “War on 2 Fronts”

8:34 – I’ll give WWE this, they are managing to get Rusev some major pop.

8:57 – Whelp, I’m back!!! Had to go out in a snowstorm to pick up my daughter, it’s the curse of having 4WD in New England!!! I see that McIntyre called out Randy Orton, I’m digging this feud already!!!

9:01 – The promo work these last 2 weeks have improved dramatically!!! wonder if there has been a creative change? or if they are letting the Wrestlers shoot more?

9:09 – Non wrestling related thought: The Expanse is the best Sci-Fi show EVER created, I cannot wait for season 4!!!!

9:12 – Aleister Black!!! He’s such a refreshing change of pace from the normal “wrestler” And I appreciate his gimmick. Hopefully he gets a bigger push soon now that he’s back from injury.

9:17 – Dude I have ZERO idea how Aleister doesn’t knock someone’s head off with Black Mass… The precision with which he can hit that right on someone’s chin and not break their jaw is beyond me.

9:26 – Do yourself a favor and follow the WWE on FOX Twitter page, it is the BEST!!! whoever is running that page needs a raise!!!

9:38 – Great promo from Seth!!! “No matter what side I’m on I’m wrong!!!” PERFECT!!! these are the types of things he needs to be saying, working some “real world” truth into his angle.

9:47 – Definitely think it’s Luke Harper’s head in the box…

9:58 – Kabuki Warrior’s new music is REALLY GOOD.

10:04 – If the rumors of Kairi leaving the WWE when her contract is up are true, I am hoping for a nice long program between Charlotte and Asuka again.

10:14 – I know they overuse Charlotte, A LOT, but she is working her Ass off in this match, and always gives 100%, she has earned her spot.

10:25 – I wonder what the deal is with these Jobber matches at 10:30? why? Why do the Viking Raiders need to be working against these Jabroni’s? are there no other teams that they could work against? Or have they just sort of painted themselves into a corner with them? Can’t have any “named” team work against them if they are just going to get buried, and they don’t want the Raiders to look beatable.

10:29 – I love Ricochet, but this whole “Superhero’s are real” line needs to stop, it’s cheesy AF.

10:46 – As an aside AJ Styles actually streams himself playing video games, he is on Mixer, and his channel name is StylesClash, I always seem to miss him when he is on, I have caught him a couple of times for 10 or so minutes, and he is highly entertaining.

10:51 – They really need to stop referring to Karl Anderson as “Hot Karl” that really sounds like something that happens with poop and plexiglass.

10:56 – They should give Ricochet the cruiserweight belt, he technically qualifies for it, and it would probably help elevate the brand a bit having a wrestler of his notoriety wearing it. He could still wrestle for the US belt, and have high profile matches with bigger workers, it just wouldn’t be for the title. It could work.

Overall This Episode of RAW was really good!! Promo’s were on point, and the matches were excellent. I know I said this earlier, but I don’t know what’s happened to RAW in the last couple of weeks, it’s gotten a LOT better. Not sure if they made some changes to creative, or if maybe they are letting some different people make decisions, but whatever it is it’s working. I definitely hope they keep that trend up, and now that I think of it Next Monday might actually be a go home show for TLC?? I’ll have to double check that, if so, that’s a pretty damn short turnaround for a PPV cycle.

Until Wednesday Everyone,

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