Of Marks And Men – 11/4/19 RAW

November 4, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Well here we are, Monday night. Following up on what was one of the greatest Smackdown’s I can EVER remember where the NXT roster officially kicked off the Survivor series cycle by invading the Blue Brand, tonight’s show promises to be just as intense.

What will happen with Brock Lesnar who “quit” Smackdown to seek retribution on Rey Mysterio Jr.? Who from NXT will show up to reek havoc on RAW? What, if any, are the real life backstage implications of last weeks Saudi Arabia incident where a goodly portion of the roster was left stranded on the other side of the globe due to (if you believe the dirt sheets) a contractual fallout between the WWE and the Saudi Government in regards to payment for their recent “Crown Jewel” PPV’s?

But most importantly…. will Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley lead the New York Football Giants to a glorious victory over the frigging Cowboy’s?

It’s really not a hard formula, less soap opera Bobby Lashley / Rusev B.S., more pure wrestling show. Keep that momentum going, capitalize on the goodwill from this past Friday, and for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS SACRED, let HHH and Heyman do what they do: put on a hell of a WRESTLING show, by utilizing the best talent available.

8:00 – Hot Damn, we got a convoy of Limo’s!!!!! the invasion continues!!!!!!

8:03 – So I legit don’t understand this angle, they have some explaining to do surrounding this Brock Lesnar “quitting” Smackdown… AAAAAAAAAAAAAND here we go, apparently the “Bliss / Cross” “Trade” to Smackdown immediately after the draft is how they are doing this.

8:08 – Why does Brock always seem to get such special treatment? dude NEVER wrestles unless it’s a PPV, He literally squashes most anyone unless it’s a Seth Rollins level performer. Vince just seems to have this fascination with him, I’m not taking away anything from his ability or talent, dude is LEGIT, but I’m sure it leads to friction backstage, I mean it has to right???

8:12 – So Brock apparently still on the hunt for Rey, pulled some random dude out of the back of a limo parked backstage.. why was the dude there? did he win a contest? and basically ripped a door of it’s hinges, I hope Vince always gets the insurance on the rental cars.

Matter of fact I remember a really funny story that Big Show once told about when he was new he ended up wrecking a rental car at the prodding of Kevin Nash (for an angle on a NITRO), and they didn’t have the insurance on it, well long story short, someone got banned from ever renting a car from that particular company ever again!!!!

8:24 – This Kabuki Warriors Vs. Carlotte / Natalya (in a non title) match looks like it was booked SPECIFICALLY to have an NXT run in at the end, a match out of nowhere with absolutely ZERO implications….

8:30 – That is going on entirely too long…..

8:37 – Match is finally over

8:38 – Heyman cracking wise about Lawler almost dying on air a couple years ago is pretty harsh, amusing but harsh. Heyman can definitely talk.

8:40 – And here is Rey beating the tar out of Lesnar with a metal pipe, I like that, at least they are keeping it legit, Rey wouldn’t stand a choice against Brock head to head so I like the guerilla tactics.

8:46 – See now this makes no sense to me, you have Brock absolutely BURY Kofi a few weeks ago, but now they are trying to Kayfabe Rey standing a chance against him at Survivor Series??? I think they are going to have to make it a “NO DQ” or “Hardcore” match to make it work. Or have Brock be “injured” going in, have Rey work him over for the next few weeks attacking from behind, soften him up so there is at least SOME believability.

8:52 – See now that was a great match!!! Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy are the type of quality RAW needs!!!! fantastic talents that put on a great match!!! THAT is what makes an entertaining WRESTLING show!!!

9:00 – Please let Seth go heel, please let him go heel, please let him go heel…

9:04 – NXT NXT NXT!!!! HHH!!!! good lord please let Seth turn heel!!!!

Please god don’t tease me like this….

Please god don’t tease me like this…. This is a HHH promo for the ages.

9:10 – FUCKING A!!!! this is INTENSE!!!!!! UE VS. OC!!!!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

9:11 – PRIEST AND DIJAKOVIC ATTACKING THE OC WITH UE!!!! AWESOME!!!!! This is a SHOW!!!!! holy FUCK!!!! just thinking about Cole V. Rollins or Cole V. Styles, or Rollins V. Styles again or Rollins in NXT is literally freaking me out!!! the permutations of awesome are endless!!!!

9:18 – MY FREAKING HEART CAN’T HANDLE THIS!!!!! ADAM COLE V. SETH ROLLINS FOR THE NXT TITLE!!!!!! Fucking A!!!! Please if this is what a HHH / Heyman WWE looks like, don’t EVER let it end!!!!

9:29 – Hear those brakes squealing??? That’s this freaking Rusev / Lashley angle, my god… why… just why… it’s like when we finally start to get the Vince stink off this show, we get this now…

9:40 – Well at least we are getting a McIntyre / Rusev match out of this so I suppose lemonade from lemons and all.

9:49 – Now see… this is a match with 2 “big guy’s” where the match actually WORKS because both of them can PERFORM. Some awesome power moves, some cool spots. I’m digging it!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s over…. UGH I hate Vince McMahon…. can’t just let an entertaining match be entertaing. Noooooooooooo. we have to have a tripe run in, and a beat down, and Lashley carrying Lana out like Kevin Costner in “The Bodyguard” FFS, why.. just why..

9:58 – And now they are showing video of the Nationals winning the World Series, and getting a celebratory WWE championship belt while in the heart of Mets country, that’s a low blow WWE..

10:00 – Shayna!!! Face to Face with Becky Lynch!!! This is a dream match!!!! and so damn overdue… I’m just loving this… the matches they have been setting up are incredible.. Survivor series is shaping up to be a MUST SEE.

10:09 – At some point I’m hoping that they take the leash of Montez Ford, I have a sneaking suspicion that the would be FAR funnier shooting from the hip rather than having to work off a script. The dude can TALK, I hope Heyman develops the hell out of him. I’ve said it 1000 times that he could be the next HUGE crossover star given the right guidance.

10:26 – So I was just thinking about Humberto Carrillo Vs. Sammy Guevara, man would that me a match, holy shit. Granted I know it would never happen but, if in some alternate reality AWE and WWE played nice with each other, that would be incredible.

10:34 – Soooooooo… we have the RAW tag team champions beating up on a pair of jobbers (the East Hampton Polo Boys… Really…)… and this match gets booked at 10:30 at night, I’m assuming right before a top flight main event??? Who came up with that??? I mean honestly? we couldn’t get them in a match with the OC or something? Or at least just give us 1/2 hour of Cole / Rollins.

10:41 – Rollins music hits, and my heart immediately starts pumping, now Cole!!!! I’m legit ready for this!!!!

Little disheartened that a lot of the fans didn’t seem to know him, but I guess that’s to be expected, but damn if Cole doesn’t belong in an Arena.

10:57 – DAMMMNIT!!!! YOU HAD AN OPPORTUNITY!!!!! AND YOU FUCKING BLEW IT!!!!! WHY??!!?? you could have done something different but the lame ass run in at the end spoiling the match?? What?? couldn’t let Seth put Cole over? or didn’t have the balls to give him the belt and have him go heel? What a waste…

While not entirely as compelling as Friday was, it was still a solid WRESTLING show, minus the Lashley / Rusev “thing”. I really wish they would have thrown the status quo into the air with a Rollins win, but it was not to be unfortunately, I guess the more things change, the more they eventually stay the same.

Until Wednesday Everyone,

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