Of Marks And Men – 11/27/19 NXT

November 27, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Well, I’ve only got my television tonight so I can only watch one program, and since we are still entrenched in the fallout from Survivor Series, I’m going to make my choice NXT, hopefully I’ll be able to catch AEW tomorrow On Demand.

Speaking of Survivor Series, NXT absolutely dominated the last three weeks, and we may have seen the birth of the next trio of superstars in Adam Cole, Shayna Baszler, and Keith Lee. Now these folks have been tearing it up for YEARS in both the independents and for NXT, but over the past month millions of people who have but a passing knowledge in them got to see them perform on the biggest stages, and they did NOT disappoint. Hell, Adam Cole alone put the WWE Universe on notice that he is the PRESENT, and the FUTURE.

I would also be remiss at this point to not mention the Mauro Ranallo situation, for those of you who may not know, Mauro suffers from Bipolar disorder, and during this past weekend’s NXT Takeover War Games, a series of Tweets sent out by Smackdown commentator Corey Graves about Mauro (with the sole purpose of stirring up controversy for his Podcast) caused Mauro to not only delete his Twitter page, but also not be present for Survivor Series, and now this weeks NXT broadcast. I want to state in no uncertain terms that what Mr. Graves did is despicable on every level imaginable, attacking anyone to begin with, let alone someone with a WELL documented history of Mental Illness is beyond the pale, and he should be fined, suspended, fired, or all 3, and for anyone defending that behavior, I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and re-evaluate your life. I hope that Mauro is well, getting the help he needs, and I hope to seem him back happy, healthy, and doing what he loves, and that’s calling matches. Mauro is the best in the game, and I can only thing that Mr. Graves’ sole motivation was jealousy pure and simple.

8:02 – Looks like we are having the opposite of what happened on RAW this past week, a celebration of the Black and Gold brand and their domination. Hell with the work that those folks put in they deserve it.

8:04 – Adam Cole is so over with the fans I literally think he would have to beat someone’s mother with a chair to gain any real heat, I mean I know the crowd is chanting “You Suck” but it’s more out of fun than any fan hatred.

8:08 – AWWWWWW SHEEEEEEIT!!!!! The Prince has ARRIVED!!!!! BALOR TIME!!!!!

8:09 – Yeah I’ll take Balor Vs. Ciampa ANY DAY!!!!! Please Please Please Please!!!! MAKE. THAT. MATCH!!!!

8:12- Yeah I think Lee is getting a belt tonight.

8:20 – Well it looks like there won’t be a belt change, apparently Bobby Fish got hurt when he got tossed out of the ring by Keith Lee, and Roderick Strong replaced him, work? shoot? I’ll have to check and see later.

8:22 – OK as they crashed to break, they kept saying that this match is for the tag belts, I’m wondering if that’s Todd Phillips calling it wrong, or if it is STILL for the belts?? I’m not sure… I guess we will find out at the end.

8:24 – So from what I’m gathering it’s still for the belts.

8:29 – That powerbomb / chokeslam that Dijakovic just pulled off was impressive looking.

8:32 – I thought with Roderick replacing Fish that there was for sure going to be a belt change, but I guess I was wrong. Not sure why they didn’t. Would have been cool to see a bit of a swerve, not sure if Lee / Dijakovic winning would have been a full on “swerve” but it would have been interesting.

8:42 – I love how lots of wrestlers now a days are wearing their T-shirts down to the ring like Titan Marks, it just makes me happy on a base level, because as we ALL know #TitanMasterClass

8:45 – Mansoor on NXT!!! I like that!!! I hope that they do this more often, have some lesser used mid carders from RAW and Smackdown get some bookings on NXT, hell we are also getting Tozawa as well!!! WWE has too much talent that just sits on the bench, they need the TV time.

8:52 – Dakota Kai’s first action as a heel!!!! just confused though, she doesn’t have black hair, or tons of mascara, or wearing black leather, so can she REALLY be a heel?

9:00 – OH DAMN that German suplex on the apron was FUCKED UP, I hope Kai is OK, Candace missed the move.

9:04 – AH the classic heel DQ with the weapon, and now beatdown to gain heat!!! sometimes the classics are the best.

9:08 – By the looks of it, Candace Lerae may need to go see Britt Baker DMD, she is a dentist, did you know she was a dentist? if not watch AEW, they will tell you 1000 times during one of her matches, as well as Riho started training at age 9.

9:15 – See… you realize just how deep the WWE roster is when you get Tozawa / Rush for the Cruiserweight belt. WWE really does have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talent.

9:25 – That belly to back that Tozawa just pulled on Rush from the apron to the floor could have gone HORRIBLY wrong. I’m glad everyone is OK.

9:36 – Well last time we saw Xia Li she shattered Aliyah’s nose with a vicious back heel kick, so hopefully she learned her lesson.

9:40 – Shayna got the HELL out of the way of Xia Li’s spinning back heel kick, it looked horrible on camera, but I understand why… she is legit dangerous with that thing, I’m surprised they didn’t tell her to stop doing it.

9:42- 23 YEAR OLD RHEA RIPLEY!!!!! SHE’S ONLY 23!!!!! 23!!!!!

9:45 – I can’t wait for Rhea / Shayna for the belt!!!! THAT is going to be incredible.

9:46 – Seriously… if they EVER need to cast Kratos for a God Of War movie, Tomasso Ciampa should get a screen test…

10:04 – This match has been ridiculously good!!!! It’s had a bit of everything!!! Balor wins with an assist from Cole.

10:07 – Finn with the Pele Kick to Cole!!!! that was fantastic!!!!

I will say this, AEW may have the bigger crowd, but honestly it is a top heavy promotion, by that I mean there are about 1/2 a dozen people that can legitimately main event a show or PPV, but NXT has unlimited #’s of permutations that they could utilize, on that front it’s not even close.

Well happy thanksgiving to everyone, and we will see you Friday for Smackdown!!!

Until Next Time Everyone,

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