Of Marks And Men – 11/25/19 RAW (Survivor Series Fallout Show)

November 25, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Alright, Monday Night, Time for RAW, and the fallout from Survivor Series. Last night saw the culmination of a fantastic 3 week build up, where NXT ruled the day. Some of the matches were as advertised: AJ / Roderick / Shinsuke, and Cole / Dunne being 2 examples. While in my opinion a couple of them struggled to find any real flow: Becky / Bayley / Shayna and Brock / Rey being two notable examples.

It will be interesting to see where the company goes from here, they definitely drew eyes to NXT, and those Guys and Gals from the Black and Gold brand absolutely stole the show, they deserve all the plaudits they are getting. Honestly I’m hoping that this means some brand crossover between RAW and NXT (not sure how it would work with Smackdown) There are some absolute DREAM matches we can have, for instance AJ and Matt Riddle (and that’s just one I thought of off the top of my head).

T minus 20 minutes to TV…. be back in a few….

Alright.. I’m back, and it time for the show!!!

8:02 – Kicking off the show with a “Town Hall” led by Seth Rollins, and the crowd is chanting “C.M. Punk” and Seth says “He didn’t want to show up, he’s too busy sitting behind a desk in L.A.” oh boy….

8:04 – Rollins tells the whole roster that “They Sucked” last night. I LOVE IT!!!! I’m gonna Mark out here.. HEEL TURN, HEEL TURN, HEEL TURN!!!!!

8:05 – I do find this hilarious because of all the dirt sheet rumors that Seth really isn’t the “Leader” of the locker room, I wonder if they are doing this to swipe at guys like Meltzer, meanwhile AJ who from all accounts is highly respected in the locker room is sitting silent.

8:08 – LOVING THIS!!!!! He told Rey Mysterio that he couldn’t get the job done with a lead pipe and his stupid son helping him!!!! FUCKING A!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!

8:10 – Seth called Kevin Owens a “Piece Of Crap”!!!! YES!!!!

8:15 – ROLLINS VS. OWENS!!!! YES!!!!!

8:16 – And now they have to remind us of this stupid fucking Rusev / Lashley / Lana angle, FUUUUUUUCK… WHY!!??!! it fucking sucks…

8:19 – They actually could have had a great match between Bobby Lashley and Titus Oneil, but OF COURSE we had to have a Rusev run in… Couldn’t just be simple.

Can somebody shut up Lana??

8:22 – How many times has Bobby Lashley gone through the set?? you would think they would have installed a railing or something after the last time Strowman dumped him through it.

8:29 – Well that AOP match went about as expected. Not a fan of using Hawkins and Ryder as “Enhancement Talent” but I guess that’s all creative sees them as being. Sad as they are both pretty darn talented. I mean I guess having them bury the former champs serves a purpose. But the eventual program between them and the Viking Raiders is gonna be incredible!!!

8:37 – When you see the quality booking of Andrade and Tozawa you understand the quality of the RAW brand. Heyman constructed a beautiful group.

8:39 – Damn!!! Matt Hardy!!!! glad to see him back!!! I always hope the best for Jeff, he’s had so many personal demons throughout his career, I hope he gets past these current ones. That dude has given his body for the company over and over and over again taking beatings that not many could handle.

8:49 – Aleister Black!!! he’s back!!!! For FUCKS SAKE he just DECIMATED MURPHY, that was AWESOME!!!! Please push Aleister Black WWE PLEASE!!!!

9:00 – While the matches may have been short, the bookings tonight have been wonderful!!! Now we get AJ and Humberto Carrillo YASSSSSS!!!!

9:05 – Poor Carrillo, is he getting shoved aside for Ricochet? or Orton? is his push already stalling out??? I hope not, that kid is way too talented.

9:11 – I actually like how that segment turned out, although it took waaaaay too long. I like the fatal 4 way between Ricochet / Rey / McIntyre / Orton, and the winner fights AJ. At least it’s something intriguing for the evening.

9:16 – I hope Drew McIntyre gets the win, he’s had so many stops and starts with his pushes, I’d like to see him with a belt.

9:26 – GOOD LORD!!! If I took a chop like the one Randy just took From Drew McIntyre…. forget it… I’d be done…. Over….

9:28 – I love Rey.. don’t get me wrong… dude is a legend, I just think they could have done something different there, would have preferred McIntyre. I mean he’s never had a singles title, would have been cool to see him win a belt.

9:39 – I always appreciate when a referee throws Run-In buddies out, I think it gives them a moment in the match to shine, and it’s always funny!!!

9:49 – So Rey wins they US Title, at least they didn’t end it on a Ref-Bump, that would have been terrible.

9:56 – Wonderful Promo from KO absolutely SLAYING Rollins!!! KO is the MAN!!! he is great in the ring, great on the mic. Dude called Rollins an Insufferable Prick.. LOL… and “Mr. Crossfit” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

10:04 – Now we get Charlotte and Asuka.. Wonderful booking!!! for a fallout show the matches have been really solid!!!

10:18 – I don’t care… I’ll never get tired of the green mist EVER, I love it as part of Japanese wrestling history. But honestly that match was ridiculously good. Charlotte and Asuka laid it ALL out.

10:23 – Oh joy.. a 3rd hour Erick Rowan squash match, nothing better. I honestly don’t understand how you book this match in between a fantastic Match between Charlotte / Asuka, and then Rollins / Owens.. why is this match even a thing? Couldn’t it be earlier in the night if you want to push his “Whats in the box” thing???

10:28 – Oh how far the former Women’s tag team champions have fallen, now the IIconics are doing “infomercial’s” for the WWE Shop??

10:33 – That AJ promo was TERRIBLE.

10:37 – That Lana promo was equally as TERRIBLE

10:38 – I LOVE the crowd booing Rollins!!!!

10:48 – I’m sitting here during this commercial break on the edge of my seat hoping beyond hope that the heel turn is tonight, that it is vicious, and that it sticks. Rollins’ character needs this!!!!

10:54 – Has Seth Rollins ever landed a Pedigree? he goes for it a LOT but it NEVER works…

10:55 – For that matter does Kevin Owens get his shirts for free? or does he have to wait for a buy one get one for $1 sale in the WWE shop?

Whelp… what a fucked up ending that was, I mean it’s ALWAYS a positive when your crowd is chanting “Bullshit” and “AEW” at the end of your show, they could have stuck a landing there, they could have done the full heel turn, sometimes the “slow burn” method doesn’t work sometimes you have to pull the band-aid off and just do it…

God damn another missed opportunity….

Until Next Time Everyone,

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