Of Marks And Men – 11/24/19 SURVIVOR SERIES!!

November 24, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

HERE WE GO!!!! 3 Weeks and probably the best PPV build up cycle in my memory has all culminated in tonight!!! Survivor Series – RAW Vs. NXT Vs. Smackdown for brand supremacy!!! (I’m pulling for NXT)

Speaking of NXT I would be remiss to not mention NXT Takeover War Games last night, what a show!! It was absolutely perfect!!!! And If you get a chance to go back and see it, if you only watch ONE match in your life, make it the Women’s War Games match, if you don’t understand why we all love the performance art that Wrestling is after watching that match, I have no other way to explain it that you would understand.

So I’m tucked snacks and getting ready for the pre show

6:21 – Lio rush retains the Cruiserweight belt in a great match that the crowd did not GAF about, this is why WWE has no problem cancelling 205 Live shows, but it’s also their fault because they don’t do enough to push the division, they need to realize Cruiserweights can get over.

6:23 – God Damn Sami Zayn is too talented on the mic to just be a cornerman, every time I see him perform I’m just reminded of that fact more and more.

6:28 – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Viking Raiders helmets!!! Fucking awesome!!!!!

6:34 – I have NO idea how UE are even walking after last night!!!! What a brutal War Games match they took part in!!

6:42 – Whelp Big E just killed Erik, how you have a 300 lb guy suicide dive you out of the ring and onto a concrete floor, and NOT get hurt is beyond me.

6:45 – Raiders win in a super fun but obvious match. They go 1-1-1 into the main show, and let’s be honest the UE was only in that match so New Day didn’t have to eat a pin, they were NEVER winning.

6:56 – Calling it now, the Styles / Strong / Nakamura match is gonna be the match of the night.

6:58 – Gonna be very interesting to see if C.M. Punk makes an appearance tonight. It all lines up for him…

6:59 – The women are gonna start the show, and if this match is anything like last night, the rest of the card is going to have a LOT to live up to.

7:00 – Well thank god they aren’t doing individual intros for each wrestler, that would have honestly made the show about an hour longer. Besides, them coming out as teams makes it more “authentic” and speaking of authentic, I like how the FOX presentation values have already rubbed off on WWE with the brand graphics on screen.

7:19 – Not sure about this whole Io and Candace getting “injured” thing, I get that they are trying to stack the deck against NXT, but it’s just not working, it worked last night, because of the build up, this just seemed way too scripted.

7:25 – I mean unless they swerve me pretty hard, this match is SO being set up to be Rhea / Charlotte / Sasha in the finale.

7:30 – Whelp I was wrong about the Charlotte part, but the way the eliminated her was stupid, they just won’t let her get pinned, it’s fucking ridiculous. Although I was correct about 2 of the final 3 so not bad on my part….

7:35 – Team NXT wins the womens match, but damn did it all feel so fucking forced… over produced, over scripted… would have been SO much better if they just let the match happen organically.

7:42 – God this Owen’s / Rollins promo is so bad, honestly fire the damn script writers, or let them shoot from the hip on their promos a little more.

7:45 – Can I talk about how cool it is to see the NXT intro’s on the Big Screen in huge arena’s!!! makes me so happy!!!!

7:50 – AJ Styles always looks like he’s thinking “I’m too old for this Shit”

8:05 – Roderick Strong with the Victory!!!! I’m actually surprised about that!!! would have thought Shinsuke, as AJ has no problem laying down, and Roderick didn’t NEED to win.

8:08 – Damn you WWE with these “Masters Of The WWE Universe” toy commercials!!! I NEED that Balor / Demon one!!!!

8:13 – Adam Cole / Pete Dunne!!! this one is gonna be everything we want it to be!!!! honestly after these last 3 weeks Adam Cole deserves a statue outside Full Sail, his work rate has been unreal.

8:16 – Legit pissed about Mauro Ranallo not calling this match!!! Not sure if the Corey Graves tweets are to be believed about WWE being unhappy with his commentary last night, OR if he had a breakdown, either way it’s not good, and I hope he is OK, Mauro Ranallo on his WORST day is 1000X better than Michael Cole.

8:27 – Adam Cole retains the belt, not surprised but DAMN what a match!!! how these guys / gals from NXT can even be walking let alone wrestling these types of matches is staggering, their workrate has been disgusting, they deserve EVERY accolade they are getting for it.

8:41 – God I hate the Red Light for these Fiend matches, at least we only have to deal with it once a month, because that’s the total amount of times The Fiend works, that’s not his fault mind you, but I hate part time champions.

8:48 – So The WWE would have us believe that the power of the YES movement can succeed against the Fiend where Seth couldn’t get it done in a Falls Count Anywhere match??? I literally don’t understand creative with The Fiend, it’s like they have zero idea what to do with him, so they keep him under wraps for 3 weeks, drag him out for a PPV once a month, then put him back in his box.

9:00 – The NXT team of Ciampa, Riddle, Lee, Walter, and Priest is the top team, I hope NXT continues the sweep, this has been awesome!!!

9:05 – Chad Gable V. Matt Riddle is literally all I ever need to see again in my life they work that well together!!!! they can literally just chain wrestle without talking because of their backgrounds.

9:17 – At this point I’m thinking that the WWE has begun pumping in the crowd noise, this Chicago crowd has been TERRIBLE and it was ruining the PPV. All I see is people sitting there doing nothing but yet the arena is suddenly alive. Which is a fucking shame because this mens Survivor Series match has actually been REALLY good so far.

9:22 – Can we possibly be getting the Seth Heel Turn now??!!?? stand by for updates….

9:45 – Well NO heel turn as of yet, but a fantastic match, that Smackdown won. Keith Lee stole the show, and deserves all the plaudits coming his way. Love that dude, it’s about time he got his due.

9:57 – Not gonna lie, I went to the bathroom during the Brock / Mysterio match, I literally didn’t care about it. Only good part about it is now Brock will diappear for another 4 weeks until the next PPV where I’ll suffer through another one of his crap matches. I’m glad that they saved the women for last, they are absolutely a highlight, I’m sure that they got saved for the end specifically because WWE rightly realized that much like me no one gave a fuck about the Lesnar match.

10:03 – Shayna Baszler main eventing is everything!!!! So So So So long overdue for a performer of her caliber.

10:22 – Well hot damn!!! Shayna!!!! YES!!!! That match was really really weird, and not sure why the hell it felt so “off” the whole time but it really did. I’m glad that Baszler won, and that NXT took the evening they deserve it for the work they’ve put in for the last 3 weeks.

Well there you have it!!!! Survivor series was pretty good!!! it had some good matches, and some bad ones, but I’m super happy that NXT won the evening, hopefully it gets more people to watch them, and appreciate what they do for the company as a whole, and Monday will most certainly be interesting. See you all tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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