Of Marks And Men – 11/15/19 Smackdown Live

November 15, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Alright!!!! Friday Night!!! Smackdown Time!!!! What to expect today? Well for starters I hope we get some Bray Wyatt, would be nice to have something ANYTHING from the Champion. I don’t like the fact that currently both brands have part time champs, only showing up for PPV’s and not doing anything on their respective shows.

Continuing the trend, will NXT show up? I’m thinking at a MINIMUM we will see Shayna Baszler, solely in response to Bayley attacking her on NXT this past Wednesday. I’ve also heard rumor that The New Day are going to be in a rematch against The Revival for the titles, AND speaking of titles, Rumor has it that they will be unveiling new designs for their belts tonight (rumor though).

Also what, if any role will the newly returning CM Punk play on the show? I know he is technically employee of FOX NOT the WWE but Smackdown is FOX’s show, so he technically could show up, who knows??? Tell you what though, if “Cult Of Personality” plays, you are gonna see a crowd go INSANE.

8:02 – There is no better “Classic Heel” in the WWE currently than Baron Corbin hands down, dude is solid gold, understands what it takes to be a heel, and executes it perfectly.

8:05 – Love Corbin’s new entrance, being carried out in a chair, freaking hillarious, dude has REAL heat with the fans, not that crappy “go away” heat, fans eat his shtick up!!!

8:09 – For the love of god, can we please stop with the “Shorty G” name, it’s completely pointless, and just undermines Gable. I would love for Gable to go to a place like AEW and actually show what he can do.

8:13 – I just don’t understand what happened with Chad Gable, outside of the horrible name (Shorty G) why the hell has his push seemingly stalled out? Fans were getting behind him, he was building some momentum, and now it seems like he got relegated back to the undercard.

8:16 – I have to actually say that that WWE Backstage show is pretty damn good, I’ve been enjoying it.

8:29 – I want to rip my ears off every time they refer to Chad Gable as “Shorty G” I HATE that name, HATE it, HATE HATE HATE it.

8:30 – While we are at it, I literally don’t know what everyone sees in Roman Reigns, Not personality wise, he seems like a wonderful human being and does a LOT for WWE charities, I just don’t get what they see in him as a wrestler, he is so limited, has like a 5 move moveset, and really can’t work a match over 10 or so minutes. I mean The Rock was kind of the same way, but his in ring charisma and ability to read a crowd carried him, Roman doesn’t have that same in ring charisma.

8:43 – Ah WWE, only you could continue to undermine a hyper talented performer like Drew Gulak, you should be holding him on high, not having Brawn bury him constantly. Hard to build a feud between them when he constantly looks pathetic next to him.

8:47 – I can’t wait for the inevitable New Day heel turn, having Big E as a heel will be solid gold, and quite terrifying as I’m sure he can throw a Buick 20 yards.

8:55 – I love Sami Zayn, he is easily top 5 in the company on the mic, dude needs to go back to NXT where he can also shine IN the ring not just on the outside of it.

8:58 – In a non WWE related topic, I had a chance to watch NWA Powerr (yes spelled properly) on YouTube, what a wonderful show!!! Classic 70’s and 80’s style studio show presentation with classic graphics, made me feel like a kid again when wrestling was still territorial, before Vince bought everything up. Wonderful performances as well, I highly recommend it.

9:06 – ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!!!! UE invades Smackdown again!!!!!

9:11 – Nothing better than wasting a spot with Heavy Machinery working with “Enhancement Talent” (Read: Jobbers). They don’t need that, they need to be working a real match.

9:25 – Whelp here we go, I’m assuming Shayna is gonna show up in this match, and here she is!!!! The Queen Of Spades has arrived!!! with Rhea, Mia, Tegan, and Dakota Kai!!! the women have invaded!!!!! And now the Smackdown women have arrived in force!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

9:30 – Now we have a nice 8 women tag match!!! LOVE the NXT roster getting these high profile bookings on Smackdown!!!

9:34 – I honestly have no idea how Mia Yim is even standing after Wednesday, she took some serioius bumps in that ladder match, she laid it ALL out in an amazing match. I’d be in the hospital for WEEKS after that.

9:40 – I don’t like Sasha Banks’ new music, I REALLY liked her old music, always got me pumped up when I heard it.

9:42 – Survivor Series is shaping up to be a huge PPV, like 1000 matches HUGE, lots of high quality bookings, I have a feeling this thing is gonna be like 5 hours long.

9:46 – I may not be the biggest fan of The Miz’s wrestling style, but he is damn good on the mic, and maybe now that he’s signed a shiny new contract he can actually get a push, and while I see him as a somewhat competent wrestler, I don’t know how his style would translate to another brand. I think he’s WWE ride or die. Juxtapose that to Daniel Bryan, who is a world class talent, and would be a top guy at any promotion in the world hands down.

9:48 – Miz needs to be a heel.

9:50 – Daniel Bryan is cutting a HELL of a promo.

9:55 – Daniel Bryan Vs. Fiend @ Survivor Series, well I’m not sure how this one is going to work, you have Bray Shitstomp Seth in Dubai, now Daniel is supposed to be able to beat him? I hope they don’t squash Bryan.

Well all in all a solid Smackdown, I’m still not a fan of ending shows with promo’s but such is life, I always like ending with matches. And Survivor Series is shaping up to be huge. Well next week are the go home shows so I’m sure they are going to be wild, and as always I’ll be here chronicling it.

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