Of Marks And Men – 1/27/20 RAW (Royal Rumble Fallout Show)

January 27, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

OK, we. are. back. and only 12 hours later… damn it’s been a busy few days with all the wrestling going on, and now we find ourselves on Monday night getting ready for the fallout from Royal Rumble.

The biggest news from last night (outside of WWE actually doing the right thing and giving McIntyre the much deserved win) was the return of Edge!!!, coming back after an 8 year absence due to a MASSIVE neck injury, the reaction of the crowd had to be seen to be believed, and we will be seeing him tonight!!

As for the card, only 2 matches have been officially announced: Liv Vs. Lana, and Seth and Buddy Vs. Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens (which will end in an AOP run in, mark my words).

So without further Ado, lets get this show on the road:

8:01 – God the pop that McIntyre got when he eliminated Brock last night was INSANE, it made the “heat phase” of the Rumble worth it.

8:05 – Opening with McIntryre, smart move!!!!

8:09 – Whelp Drew V. Brock, honestly not surprised.. would have been REALLY surprised if it was Bray… Like R.E.A.L.L.Y surprised.

8:10 – Whelp, he starts the burial of the OC…

8:15 – I’m thinking it would serve WWE well to deep dive into Drew’s backstory on the road to Wrestlemania, I guarantee that 90% of the audience (casual fans) have ZERO idea about what he’s been through.

8:21 – Damn… MVP is back fully?? I had thought it was only a one time thing for Rumble… wow… that’s cool AF.

8:34 – For real, WWE keeps playing Edge’s intro from last night, and EVERY TIME they do it, I almost throw my laptop across the room jumping out of my chair, this is the worst dry hump of all time, and I swear to god if I break my laptop I’m sending WWE the bill.

8:40 – Aleister Black Time!!!!!! and oh boy… “enhancement talent” lovely….

8:42 – Love how they gave so few fucks about the “enhancement talent” that Black just faced, that they couldn’t even be bothered to properly iron on the patches on his ring attire.

8:53 – Seth cutting an A+ promo, love how he warned McIntyre about the crowd turning against him, and now he and KO are playing SO WELL against one another.

9:03 – Seth is ON FIRE tonight!! telling the ref to get Samoa Joe back because there are “impressionable minds here” L O Fucking L

9:10 – Samoa Joe looks like he took a bad bump on a suicide dive, then got sent to the back by the ref, I honestly hope he’s OK, that would suck if he got hurt again so soon after coming back.

9:25 – OK seriously WWE.. STOP WITH THE EDGE SHIT…. you are DEFFO gonna be paying for my laptop.

9:32 – Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza come from the same gene pool, let that sink in for a second.. those are some STRONG ass gene’s.

9:33 – They definitely need to do something to help Carillo get over a bit more with the crowd, he is so talented but definitely has “generic” written all over him.

9:46 – Becky Lynch going with “The GOAT” now instead of “The Man”, guaranteed this is due to the social media backlash against her “Women’s title comments” where a lot of people were on her about saying that the Title shouldn’t have “women’s” in it but she can still go by “The Man” subtle move… subtle move… esp. incorporating it into her character.

9:55 – Asuka is fucking wonderful, and I love everything about her promo’s.

10:03 – I hope Asuka gets some payback for Kairi tonight, maybe almost kill Charlotte so she knows what it’s like. But if Asuka does that SHE will probably get suspended indefinitely.

10:18 – So like what’s the long term plan for the Street Profits? damned if I know, no one was happier than me when they got moved to RAW, but for whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to have worked out. I love those dudes, and honestly I want them to be able to perform and have fun, and not just have a 3 minute segment every Monday night recapping what’s already happened. They are so good in the ring.

10:27 – So Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss are seriously like those two dudes in the locker room at the gym flexing and comparing bicepts in the mirror, while naked, and standing waaaaaaaaaay to close for comfort.

10:36 – Sooooooooo…. Liv Morgan beat Lana… and…. well that’s about it… nothing special there.

10:40 – Sooooooooo…. Rowan beat up another jobber… and … well that’s about it… nothing special there.

10:56 – Man the crowd is LOVING Edge being back, I have rarely seen someone so damn genuine cutting a promo before, this isn’t “Edge” it’s 100% Adam Copeland, and he is 100% on the verge of tears, it’s lovely, real, heartfelt, honest and refreshing.

11:04 – Whelp, significant heat generated for Randy Orton… mission accomplished.

Overall really good episode, some lulls, but otherwise it moved at a solid clip, but I’m going to bed now, it’s late and I’ve been up late too many nights in a row.. so.. peace!!!

Until Next Time Everyone

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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