Of Marks And Men – 1/13/20 RAW

January 13, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

We are back!!! and the march to Royal Rumble continues!!! Big news from last week was that part time champ Brock Lesnar will be entering the Rumble in the #1 position, and not only that but he will be putting his title on the line, which has never been done before, and is honestly quite cool, but I’m terrified that WWE will have him actually win the Rumble, which would be the WORST possible scenario as it would do nothing but undermine the rest of the roster, and make Brock look even STRONGER than he already does. The last thing we need is a feud between Brock and Bray at Wrestlemania 36 with whoever wins holding both belts.

But my fears about Brock aside, there are some pretty sweet matches lined up for this evening… how does all this sound??? AJ Vs. Randy Orton??? Seth and AOP, Vs. KO / Samoa Joe / Big Show???, Rusev Vs. Bobby Lashley?? and the absolute highlight of the evening ANOTHER Buddy Murphy V. Aleister Black match (honestly those two could work together every week for the next 10 years and it wouldn’t get old).

Also I need to shout out the awesome talent at NXT UK who just held their Takeover Blackpool II this past Sunday, and it was a great show!!!! (I will address more of that on Wednesday as it has a LOT to do with NXT’s PPV this weekend)

Also I would be remiss to not address the recent controversy surrounding Tessa Blanchard and Impact wrestling this past weekend. Tessa was outed as a racist, and a general horrible human being by many of the women she has worked with in the past, and Impact had originally stated that she would not be competing for their Women’s title on their PPV, but the walked back on that and she ended up winning it…. How Impact could mismanage this situation so badly is beyond me, and I cannot support their choice to give her a belt if these allegations (corroborated by many sources) is true. There is NO PLACE for racism in wrestling. IMO they should strip that belt from her, and let someone more deserving have it.

8:02 – HELLS YES!!!! starting the show STRONG with the aforementioned AJ / Orton match!!! God damn 2 world class performers in the same ring together, this is why WWE is awesome.

8:10 – Hells YES!!! McIntyre getting the big RUB!!!!

8:22 – McIntyre with the win, gotta respect the hell out of AJ and Randy, both always do what it right, and NEVER have a problem putting someone over, I mean at this point what do either of them have left to prove?, both are sure fire hall of famer’s who literally have nothing left to prove to ANYONE, and if they can use their fame to help out the next generation they do it.

8:30 – Ricochet finally gets back on TV!!!! talk about stalled pushes… how the hell this dude hasn’t had a belt since his brief US Title run is beyond me. The elbow injury (infection) he had last year derailed him HARD.

8:34 – you ever sleep wrong? and have that knot in your neck ALL DAMN DAY?? that’s me today, it SUCKS

8:47 – Gonna be interesting to see how Sarah Logan’s performance evolves after her “I’m done wrestling” tweet (meaning she’s just gonna fight now)

8:52 – Fucking Charlotte, completely unsafe yet again. How the fuck she hasn’t been suspended for ANY length of time is beyond my comprehension level, I’m sure Logan gave her a receipt or two.

8:58 – Oh look it’s Brock,… I almost forgot what the WWE title looks like.. I hope he leaves and never comes back.

9:04 – Heyman is a fucking genius plain and simple, a legitimate star on the mic, and such a wonderful wrestling mind.

9:09 – This Heyman, Brock, R-Truth segment is absolute gold, Brock was actually laughing (Shoot) it’s the most human I’ve ever seen him, and gotta say it was refreshing. Still don’t want him anywhere near the belt, but it was nice to see him break character.

9:18 – So now Mojo Rawley is 24-7 champ??? honestly I would have loved it if Lesnar had come out and F5’d him to take the belt, after he took it from R-Truth.

9:24 – I can’t believe… just can’t fucking believe that this fucking Lana / Lashley / Rusev thing actually worked, I…. I’m stunned… I… I just can’t, the crowd is popping Rusev hard… I…. I’m gonna go jump off a building now.

9:40 – Gotta say, all B.S. aside, the Rusev / Lashley matches have been solid, and I’m liking the build with their feud IN THE RING, it’s going to have a nice payoff. Liv also has to learn that with spray tanning less is more. She was damn near orange.

10:03 – I love these Becky / Asuka segments, I love how Becky is playing this: the 1/2 Rocky 3, 1/2 Asuka is living rent free in her head. It wouldn’t work if it was anyone else, because of how dominant Becky has been, Asuka can be a real threat to her.

10:10 – REY and ANDRADE in a LADDER MATCH????!!!!??? are you fucking kidding me!!!!! I’m so ready for it to be next Monday already!!!! holy shit!!!!

10:18 – Speaking of which, when are we going to let Zelina work in the ring again? she is actually quite talented, and can put on some great matches, but she spends most of her time being Andrade’s valet, which is good because she’s on TV, but it seems so one dimensional for her. She can legit be a super champ.

10:22 – Here we go… Black Vs. Murphy… god there is nothing I can say about these matches that I haven’t said before… they are stunning… captivating… beautiful…

10:39 – God Damn, yet again another wonderful match, yet again Black wins. It’s a wonderful build for Murphy’s eventual win at whatever PPV they decide to have it happen at, probably Survivor Series. As much as I want this program to continue, I’m not sure it will maintain it’s momentum until April.

10:58 – Whelp Buddy Murphy just joined the Seth and AOP, which works REALLY WELL, this was a hell of a payoff for everything Murphy has been through. Loved it… Although I’m thinking WWE is trying to out Dark Order AEW, which honestly I’m all for.

Well yet again we have had a terrific show, and at no point did it sag. I’ve mentioned it on Twitter already, but I actually think we are seeing a “Post Vince” WWE, I’m thinking Paul, and HHH are finally getting the chance to run the shows, and it’s working. With XFL starting in February I’m sure Vince is starting to divert his time and attention to that, which honestly is a wonderful thing. He’s been holding the brand back for a while IMO. I just wonder if the ratings start to take off what the WWE board will have to say. As we all know regardless of whose company it is, the board of directors is the REAL boss, and ratings = $$$$.

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