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July 18, 2018 Author: John Amenta

Let’s dive right in again!

Friday The 13th– So on an actual Friday the 13th last week, I happened to be in a Best Buy. Browsing through the Blu Rays as I do, I saw the package collecting the first 8 adventures of hockey masked maniac Jason Voorhees on sale for $22. I am not a hardcore fan of these movies by any means, but there is a large dose of nostalgia, as me and my childhood friends would often spend snow days or other days off from school watching schlocky horror films. After paying the cashier, I headed home to watch at least one of these, to commemorate the date. I chose the 4th in the series, subtitled The Final Chapter. First off, there were six more and a reboot after this, so I call bullshit. Anyways, this is often cited as the best by true fans of the series, and even though I had seen it previously, I couldn’t remember anything other than pre-Michael Jackson Corey Feldman being in it. Does anyone else remember that 4-5 year span when Corey Feldman basically became MJ? Is that just me? Alright, back to the film. If this is the best, I can say it can only be because of a scene where a pre-George McFly Crispin Glover dances like he is being electrocuted on his taint. Otherwise this is very much an exercise in watching kids get naked, get stoned and get murdered. After that I decided to take on the 5th chapter, entitled A New Beginning. See what they did there? The big twist in this one is that the killer in the film turns out to not be Jason even though he is dressed like him. It is actually Mr. Gallagher, who owns the old rundown carnival that the kids in the film meet in the first twenty minutes of the film. Oh wait, that is something else. Essentially this really is the Scooby Doo episode of the F13th series, although it does feature my favorite kill scene in any. Demon and his girlfriend Anita meet their demise while Demon is taking a shit in an outhouse and they are singing back and forth to each other while said shit is occurring. It is a landmark piece of filmmaking and it could only have been produced in the cocaine fueled era of the ’80s. Finally I skipped 6 to get to 7. I am sure you are wondering how I could risk missing out on fine plot development and character nuances by doing so, but I saw Part 6 last October when I was cramming in as many horror films as I could. 7 features Bernie, the loveable corpse from those Weekend movies and is subtitled The New Blood. That may refer to the fact that the central character and final girl is a telekinetic who uses her powers to kick Jason’s ass. Oh and she also accidentally kills her father, but the Jason part pretty much negates that, so as Nell Carter would ask in song, give her a break. After ingesting 3 of the 8 films over a weekend, I began listing all of the things I could have done and didn’t. I stopped and reminded myself that these are good to bust out once a year or so, and laugh at how stupid the movie going audiences were in that great decade for making these so much money that more than 8 were made. Oh and also remember that I just gave Paramount $22 more dollars myself. What’s that about glass houses and rocks again?

So Wizard Podcast– This is another great podcast covering the world of pop culture. I have been involved in podcasting myself for about 3 years plus as of now, but I did not get into listening to shows until about 6 months ago on a regular basis. I jumped on to this show right around the time they hit their 200th episode recently. 200 without missing a week by the way. That is super impressive, particularly when you realize that there is real production going into it as well. The show is hosted by 3 friends, Joey who is kind of the lead and an everyman nerd, Markellus who is dubbed The Expert and seems to go into some of the more niche subsets of nerdom like KPOP, and Aubrey, who reminds me of our own Sir Jon in the way that if she is interested in the subject she gives great opinions and if not she will make a growling type noise of displeasure. They play off of each other well, and as far as I can tell, are all in separate areas while recording, and it sounds great. I have heard podcasts where it sounds like one participant sounds like they are calling thru a wormhole from 1943 on a WW2 era backpack communication device and the next sounds like they are talking through a bowl of soup. No, make that a chowder. To get sound like they do on a call style show is really great Anyways, content is organized into regular segments and the show seems to hover at an hour or a bit over. I listen to this generally as I mow my lawn, and it makes that shitty sweat soaked task go by a bit quicker. Check them out on Apple Podcasts or any of the 8 billion podcast providers out there.

Alright, those two subjects covered a lot of space, so this will end your Mish-Mosh for this week. As always check out the stuff I recommend because as Wilford Brimley always said in those oatmeal commercials-“It’s The Right Thing To Do”




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