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July 9, 2018 Author: John Amenta

Hello again, let’s go thru some of the stuff I watched, read or otherwise took in in the last week or so.

Ant Man and The Wasp- Sequel to 2015’s Ant Man and the 20th Marvel Cinematic Universe film. After the epic volley of Black Panther and Avengers:Infinity War to start the year, this film is the ideal popcorn flavored palate cleanser that was much needed. Sure stakes are high, but in a smaller way, as Hank Pym and his daughter Hope Van Dyne try to rescue their wife/mother Janet, the original Wasp from the Quantum Realm. Ant Man is almost a side character in this one, but that’s ok, because the ensemble is really good and gives everyone time to shine. Stay for the mid credits scene, as it is a doozy and should play to some importance in the next Avengers film.

Dawn Of The Dead- The 1978 George A. Romero classic, this was the first time I had ever watched the whole thing straight through. I had seen bits here and there, but never watched beginning to end before. Ken Foree stands out in this one, and his performance as survivor and SWAT team member Peter made me a bit sad that he never really got much bigger than he did. The zombie makeup which has a pretty strange blue tint at times is laughable, as are some of the performances and the dialogue, but the film still works. As a kid of the 80’s it really was great seeing all of the long since closed stores in the mall the characters hold up in, as well as the décor being so strong in oranges, tans and browns, the staple colors of the 1970’s. Although not my favorite in the original Romero Dead trilogy, I see why it is regarded as a classic, and I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Day Of The Dead-  The next day I decided to rewatch 1985’s Day, which I have seen several times and remains my favorite of the trilogy. Joseph Pilato as Rhodes is fantastic as a maniacal military leader and John Harrison’s synth soundtrack is the stuff Stranger Things built it’s foundations of nostalgia on. No mall this time, just a ragtag group of military soldiers and civilian scientists stuck together in an underground bunker. Tom Savini’s makeup and  effects, given about 8 years to evolve since Dawn was made are leagues better. This film is about 30 minutes shorter than Dawn and you can feel how much tighter it is, and the pacing is stronger than the previous film, which meanders quite a bit in the middle.

Media Mosh- Shane Beauregard is a good friend of The Pint and a supporter as well. I have been listening to his podcast Media Mosh for a while now, and really enjoy it. Shane does something I know I could not do as a podcaster, he goes solo almost every show. For about a half hour, he talks the latest movie news, gives reviews, makes jokes (he can be crude, do not say I didn’t warn you!) and keeps his audience up to date on the latest releases in theaters and on streaming platforms. He does it by himself 90% of the time and without much editing keeps on going without struggling to fill time. On the latest episode that I downloaded, he shared his disappointment in a sequel to a film he really liked, talks about “The Summer Of Josh Brolin” and more. If your looking for a show with bells and whistles, this is not the one. If you are looking for a show that has recently passed the 50 episode mark and continues to be informative and funny, please check it out.

Alright, that’s good enough for today, please enjoy and keep coming back for more!




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