July 30, 2017 Author: Lou Federico

What’s up everyone!! In today’s virtual Gaming Point of Lou I am going to highlight a brand new FREE DLC game mode for one of my favorite games, Titanfall 2, entitled: “Frontier Defense”

Frontier Defense is a 4 player PVE (Player VS. Environment) multiplayer mode. It falls squarely into the “Horde Mode” style of gameplay originally popularized by Gears of War 2. Gameplay involves a team of 4 pilots and their Titans defending a fuel harvester against five waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and spending currency earned during rounds to purchase useful upgrades such as damage buff’s, turrets, and arc traps to assist in subsequent rounds.

Respawn has done a great job including a whole host of new enemy types for you to combat. These include Sniper Spectres, Suicide Spectres, Nuke Titans, Mortar Titans, and Arc Titans. The only way to succeed is for the team to properly identify, and prioritize each enemy type, and then eliminate them. For example, Mortar Titans will deploy themselves on the edges of the map, and then fire mortars at the fuel harvester from a distance. Conversly, Nuke Titans will push forward aggressively to try and detonate their core near the harvester.

The mode launched on July 25th with 5 maps: Homestead, Forward Base Kodai, War Games, Rise, and Blackwater Canal, with more maps expected in the future. It also has it’s own dedicated upgrade system called “Aegis Ranks”. You can earn higher ranks by completing matches, and it will allow you to unlock upgrades for your Titans. This will then allow you to be victorious at the higher difficulty settings, of which there are 5: Easy, Regular, Hard, Master, and Insane (which will have its own separate category).

I have never been a huge fan of horde mode style games, but after spending the weekend with Frontier Defense, I am absolutely hooked on it. I love the tactics, the team cooperation, the power progression, and the difficulty. Even in easy mode, the fourth and fifth wave of enemies can be extremely challenging if you are in an unbalanced group. So many times I found that calling in my Titan but letting the A.I control it while I zipped around the map as my pilot using my Anti-Titan weapon as additional DPS, was a very effective strategy.

If you played Titanfall 2, loved the story, and dabbled in the fast, frenetic PVP, and then traded it in for the next big thing. You may want to consider running out to your local video game store and picking it up again, as Frontier Defense is a mode worth investing your time in.

See you all next time in Gaming Point Of Lou, where I will be reviewing the fantastic card game Invasion Evasion by Scatterbrained Creations.



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