August 22, 2017 Author: Lou Federico


No less an authority on partying, The Great Lemmy Kilmister once humorously stated: “I’ve never gone to bed with an ugly chick, but I’ve woken up with a few”. That one sentence encapsulates the Dick Pic’s experience more than I ever could.

Dick Pics is a party game aimed squarely at the 18+ crowd, but to be honest, that 18+ depends on the legal drinking age where you reside. The standard deck can handle anywhere from two to six players, although I feel that 3 should be the bare minimum. An average game takes about 1/2 an hour (depending on player count). I also see no reason as to why you couldn’t mix multiple decks together and accommodate up to 12 players, although playtime would increase.

The playtest deck that Supreme Overlord Ganache received from Randy at Dick Picks is an early beta deck, complete with placeholder art. Which I actually found quite humorous, and well done for a temporary solution. (you can see some pictures of the finalized art on their website at, or in the featured image at the top of this review) The deck totals 100 cards and breaks down in the following manner:

25 Green “Positive” event cards with such titles as: “Got Oral Sex” or “Had an uninterrupted office poo”

30 Red “Negative” event cards such as: “Found a pubic hair in my food” or “Left a skidmark in my underwear”

5 of the titular “Dick Pic” cards

40 “Action” Cards which are broken up into three types:

A) Act it out – You act out any event (positive or negative) in a players day to steal a              positive event from them. Although, the player being targeted can block by acting out the same event better, letting the table decide who wins.

B) Confession – You make a confession related to any of the events in the target players day (blocking rules apply once again).

C) Fool The Table – You tell a (possibly) bullshit story related to any event in the target players day, and if you fool the table you get to steal a Positive event from the target.

The goal of the game is simple, acquire and put down five of the green “Positive” event cards before your opponents. That’s it, simple as that, first one to five wins. Of course your opponents can use action cards to steal from you, or send you a Dick Pic, forcing you to discard ALL of your Positive events, and completely blowing up your day…as it should…Much like the current standard bearer of the party card game genre, there is absolutely no higher strategy involved. It’s mindless entertainment, think of it like a Michael Bay movie. It’s all fun, no gray matter required. And lets face it, considering that this game comes into it’s own as your blood alcohol level increases, and your inhibitions decrease, a complete lack of higher strategy is a pretty damn good thing.

Example of a winning hand. Please note: as mentioned above, this is a beta deck and as such, Is not representative of the final artwork.

I playtested the game a few times, once at the Supreme Overlord’s palatial estate, and a couple more back at my far more modest hovel. And while I found the game very enjoyable as a non-drinking introvert, I found using the action cards a tad difficult. That’s not a fault of the game by any stretch, that’s just my personality. Although, if I were to hop in a time machine and give this game to 1997 Uconn Student Lou, he would have a far better time with it (I’ll leave the guesses as to why up to you, intrepid reader). The Dick Pic’s Kickstarter goes live this fall, and I highly recommend picking up a copy to keep on hand for those times when you have your friends over, just shooting the shit with the adult beverages flowing. And I would play this over Cards Against Humanity any day of the week.

Until next time everyone, keep gaming!!





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