G.I. Gary’s Pull List Pick of the Week 7/28/17

July 31, 2017 Author: Gary Viola

“The Punisher” #14

Writer :Becky Cloonan

Artist: Matt Horace

This series is a recent pick up for me.  I was looking for a Marvel series that I hadn’t considered and on a whim a couple months ago picked up a couple issues and Becky’s writing has me hooked.

Her Punisher stories reminds me of the days of television when a series may have an overall narrative, but each episode was relatively self contained.  Each issue has a beginning, middle, and an end.  Most endings aren’t cliffhangers, but they definitely lead into the next issue.  This is a great series for a casual comic fan that may not want every issue, but pick up a specific one for a special reason.

This issue uses the “heist gone wrong” trope and the Punisher deals with the criminals the only way he knows how.  The plot begins as four fragmented stories that merge quickly into one.  Once a single narrative, there are a couple of twists that keep the narrative interesting.  The thiefs are rather generic, and their plan isn’t that original, but the element of the Punisher is most likely why you would be reading this book to begin with.

Matt’s art is very kinetic and well paced.  Each issue could be read quickly if you don’t spend the time to examine the panels and take in each one. I generally find myself reading each issue twice to play “connect the dots” with the story.  He uses the splash pages with great effect for drama and presence.  The entire issue reads like an action movie.

In summary, I really enjoyed this issue like I’ve been enjoying the series.  It’s an entertaining read.  There’s not a really fleshed out villain right now in this series, so this plays with a bad guy of the week, but I don’t need that in every issue of every comic I read.  Besides, the Punisher is know for “eliminating” those type of antagonists.  If you turn the deep thinking part of yourself off every so often, this is a book you can enjoy.

Until next week!

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