August 25, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

The Pint is overjoyed to welcome our good buddy Chad “Dizzle” Davis as a contributor to our website!!! From time to time expect to see some movie reviews coming your way from the Host of “Did I Pod That?” A podcast dedicated to the 90’s iconic sitcom “Family Matters”. For His First Submission he has chosen the Thriller, Mystery, Romance, and Comedy film:

Ready Or Not (Rated R)

This chick marries into a rich family, who’s fame and money come from board games. To be married into this family you must play a game that is chosen by a mysterious box. The family believes that if the game is not played or completed by the time the sun is up then the whole clan will die.  The soon to be bride is not told the whole story about there being one game that if chosen requires the family to hunt her down and kill her. Will she have to play chess or will she have to play Life?……. watching this movie is the only way to find out.

This movie is tons of fun.  Good humor along with some really gruesome moments.  The acting is good and the plot,  while full of holes,  keeps you engaged the whole movie.   90 mins is a perfect runtime for the film and the ending has a nice little twist.  Go for the laughs,  stay for the sweet kill shots.  Revenge is always best served bloody.

7.4 out of 10

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