Chris (Arguing With Myself) Goes to New York Comic Con

October 11, 2019 Author: Chris Frodel

I may seem like the unlikeliest member of the 6-Pack to go to Comic Con. I don’t read comics, I’m not as current with geek culture as I once was, my home isn’t adorned with the rich artistry of talents, like trophies in a hunter’s den. I’m just not that guy. It isn’t because I don’t have interest but to have that, to get what I wanted, I would need a museum-size room(s) and a financial backer.  

I love the smell of commerce in the morning!

My first time going to New York Comic Con was last year. I spent all day taking in the sights; the one thing that costs you nothing. Like with any event of this magnitude, you have plenty of opportunity for purchases. From the smallest trinket to the heaviest of bound collections. You buy it, you carry it. One item I wanted was an “Official NYCC” shirt to commemorate my Con cherry being popped. If I were to come away with anything from the experience, it was the very least I could do. Well…it didn’t happen. Yeah, I know, cue the sad music. I didn’t walk away empty handed, though! I got a signed poster by artist David Mack with words by Neil Gaiman.

For my daughter.

We start the day early and we get home…usually when our bodies give way. So, coming into this year’s Con, I knew what to expect. Also, either by hook or by crook…I was getting my shirt.

Flash forward to this year. I did a little pregaming, as apposed to last year. I figured, if I was going to do anything, it was to meet a celebrity. More specifically, Paul Rudd. To think, seeing him in person would be a once in a lifetime encounter! I was going to set it up prior to the Con to ensure my (along with Ganache and Manster’s) precious time wasn’t wasted. I clicked on the link, scrolled down the list, found Mr. Rudd, saw his price tag, closed my browser and realized I didn’t want to meet him THAT bad! Wow! Jeez, can ya buy me dinner first?!

So, I made the decision to go see the people and the sights. What I wasn’t going to do was buy something just to “buy it”. You can’t expect me to plunk down my hard earned money to get something I could easily get cheaper online. Pop culture paraphernalia not exclusive to NYCC is a waste of money, in my book. There is another thing I enjoy during the Con. Seeing the talent in Artist Alley. Remember, I grew up idolizing these writers and artists. They ARE the celebrities. The fact that you can be mere feet away from legends…? I have to pinch myself. But, as I’ve said before, I’d be broke and wouldn’t be able to display all those fantastic pieces, properly. I get a kick out of who the Jo(h)ns know in the industry. Be they a burgeoning talent like Adam Wallenta (Punk Taco), a veteran artist such as Ron Garney (Daredevil, Savage Sword of Conan) or comics royalty Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson (writer – Hermes Press). 

Not pictured: Ms. Wheeler-Nicholson’s bubbly personality.

There’s a reason Comic Con is four days. It takes THAT long to see it all and you’ll still end up missing something. I may not have gotten to have my encounter with Mr. Rudd, picked up a piece of art, or get my collectible trinket. What I DID get was time spent with friends (as well as running into some), taking in the sights of the cosplayers, having a genuine great (albeit long) day. Oh, and if you’re curious, I got my shirt(s)!

Yes, shirts! On the left; this year’s & the right; the one I wanted from last year’s Con.

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