Chad Word

March 27, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

The death of an 80’s icon of industry. The death of a marriage. Talk of a monopoly. The return of Sir Jon. Discussion of a comic book character so lame it ends the show abruptly. It’s all here in The Pint’s 40th episode. And who or what is Chad Word? Listen In!

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  1. IADDM says:

    John: The point is that Manziel’s attention will be fleeting. If he succeeds, he’ll probably bail outcand head south. If he fails, people will lose interest and he’ll probably get released. Didn’t we recently have one of the top receivers in NFL history grace our little northern league? Chad Johnson/ Ochocinco. How did that go? I think he caught about five passes all season! Thats only five more than you or I caught. How did that benefit the CFL? It only took away a spot from a talented Canadian receiver who might have been the next Peter Dalla Riva, Jock Climie or Ben Cahoon. If notoriety is all that matters, Hamilton should sign a free agent running back named O.J. Simpson. He’s available.

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