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The Telescope Institute Of America

October 1, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Scary Larry’s House Of Universal Horror is moving along, and on this episode we talk all about The Wolf Man. Yes, he of nefarious intentions towards women, pentagram shaped scars and all the charm of a merchant marine on shore leave in Thailand. We are in a near fever pitch as this was recorded during Read More

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The 100th Episode Spectacular

September 25, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Recently we recorded and released our seminal 100th episode. It’s been a hell of a ride so far, and for this episode we decided to spend the time answering questions from the fans. As a special treat, we also video recorded this issue for posterity, and it is now up on our YouTube channel. If Read More

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I Believe They Were Called The Cenobites

September 23, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

CT Horrorfest. The Pint sponsored and it was a great day. American werewolves, Halloween hotties and actors that have been on the cover of Playgirl, this show had it all. Hear us talk all about our day there, and why mushroom juice played a part in the festivities. Lou ponders an alternate reality where he Read More

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Spatial Relationships Is Kind Of A Thing For Me

September 17, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Thank You. That is all. If you have listened to even 1 of these 100 shows you have made a difference. The Pint hits the century mark. Thank You. Check out this episode!

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Adult Wiggles Fan

September 12, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

G.I. Gary visits and brings Mad Max to this edition of The Pint Movie Invitational Series. From Anarchy Road, thru Fifi’s cravat and beyond, we dive deep into the Aussie classic. What is Mel Gibson most known for? Does Goose like the ol’ shrimp on his barbie? Listen In to the last episode of the Read More

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I’m So Much Better Than You

September 4, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

We start another new subseries here, but get this, this one has something to do with…comic books! That’s right, we decided to right the ship and put the Comics back in Pint O’ Comics! We dig into Jeff Lemire and Dark Horse Comics’ first volume of Black Hammer. Robots, superheroes, dead babies, space faring astronauts Read More

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August 27, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Sean McLaughlin, writer for Horror News Network drops by to discuss a plethora of subjects on his first Pint. From Hot Dogs to Rambo impersonations and beyond, this is a good old mish mosh of an episode. D23 news, Spider-Man controversy and even Nickelback gets brought up in this one. 2 more til 100 kids!! Read More

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Dudes Came From Australia

August 21, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

For 3 days we lived at TerrifiCon. That’s right, we ate comic books, breathed the same air as The Candyman and survived on caffeine and the thrill of getting to interview some cool folks. No sleep til day 3 ends! Mitch Hallock threw another great convention a few weeks back and this is our take Read More

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Crunchy Frankenstein Sock

August 14, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Still trapped in The House Of Universal Horror with Scary Larry, The Pint turn to masturbation jokes and discussions on hot 30’s chicks to cope with the terror of Bride Of Frankenstein. The monster is back, and this time he is drunk, horny and verbose. Let’s get creepy with the 95th Pint! Check out this Read More

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The Mustard

August 6, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

The thin veil that divides The Pint from the realm in which Scary Larry’s House Of Universal Horror has fallen again. This time The Doctor of Disaster leads Dem Boyz into a discussion about 1933’s The Invisible Man, starring Claude Rains as the biggest asshole in cinema history. Seriously, please watch the film before listening Read More

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