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The Greasy Loners And The Tough Guys

August 7, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Nick Banks of The Horror News Network rejoins The Jo(h)ns for a look at some of the news that came out of SDCC a few weeks back. Goofy looking supersuits, macho water based heroes and much more nerdery is discussed. Nick tells us what popular TV shows he hate watches, Jon reminisces about a favorite Read More

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It’s Big Enough

July 31, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

We play a filthy party game called Rotten Plots which gives true license to bring out your inner vulgarian. Jon talks about a recent Star Trek themed attraction he visited and Manster and Ganache bemoan a Summer blockbuster that left a lot to be desired. Manster recalls a youthful visit to New Jersey’s shittiest amusement Read More

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I Don’t Care If You’re Darth Maul, You’re Still In Bridgeport

July 28, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Mitch Hallock, promoter and head cheese of The Pint’s favorite COMIC Con, TerrifiCon stops by WESU to chat. From Lammy The Laminating Clown, through premature resignations, photo op fails with Harrison Ford to becoming The King Of The Nerds, Mitch tells his story and we have a bunch of laughs. After hearing the guest list Read More

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And Here Comes Cheyenne

July 22, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

The Jo(h)ns talk up a new brew from a local spot that really pushes the right buttons. Corporate mergers, Stan Lee’s situation and abusive show runners are also featured on this, your 52nd fresh Pint. Listen In! Check out this episode!

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Macho Mountain

July 17, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Comics? Movies? Music? Not this time. So what is on the docket then? Booze! Jeff Beachbum Berry, author and expert on Tiki culture and history joined us some time ago on the radio version of The Pint, and we felt it was time to share with our podcast audience. If you like to imbibe, then try Read More

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Wolverine’s Midlife Crisis

July 10, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Stuart Moore, writer and editor extraordinaire who has worked for Marvel, Vertigo and many more companies through a storied career joins The Pint on the WESU radio show. We discuss his upcoming book Captain Ginger coming out this fall from upstart comic company AHOY Comics. Also discussed are his love for writing Wolverine, his work on Read More

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Y’all Got Notebooks

July 4, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Part 2 in a 6 Part Mini-Series   Just in time for Independence Day comes the second part of our Independent Comics focus on Heroes and Villains, the all Villains Episode! Hear John use a new effect to his repeated amusement, Sir Jon introduces us to the truly obscure characters of independent comic villainy and Read More

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Draw The Motherf#$ker

June 26, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

50! It’s on like Donkey Kong as The Jo(h)ns welcome artist Ron Garney back after he did the radio show last year. Listen In as we hear stories from Ron of the comic book industry, meeting celebrities and becoming a cyborg. Truly a great artist and a better guy, we are proud to have had a Read More

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Luigi’s Kind Of Floaty

June 20, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Special guest and old friend Mike Fullam comes on to chat about a brand new podcast he and his best friend Jon started. Besides discussing J&M:Something Nothing Show, we get into Mike’s Nintendo obsession, Sir Jon tells us about The Five Points Festival in Brooklyn, we review a few recent films including Solo and even get into podcast Read More

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Mr. Dwyer, You Are Evil, And You Are Disrespectful

June 12, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Larry Dwyer and his magical bag of popcorn return to the show. We discuss a ton of stuff, such as Larry’s own version of Sophie’s Choice…Remain in the up and coming hardcore band Hatebreed or continue to make hot muffins in an industrial cafeteria. Also find out just how he made an awesome exit from Read More

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