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The ‘Burbs

December 11, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Sal from the great geek clothing company Robber Barons Ink chooses his film for the PMI and it is an odd little Tom Hanks vehicle, The ‘Burbs. Why was Bubbles the chimp on set? How many pizzas do you order for a handful of friends? What is going on in the house next door to Read More

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Blue Ruin

December 4, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Pint Movie Invitational Month 2 begins now! 5 left until the finale, what does Officer Mike have up his sleeve?  Blue Ruin, and indie revenge film, with lots of breaking and bathing, inept revenging and crossbowing! It’s your 218th Pint, enjoy!!!! Check out this episode!

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Top 10 Action Figures (Pre 1990)

November 28, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Jon from the rad podcast Shocking Things sits down with us to discuss our favorite action figures from before 1990. From space warriors to music stars, from Hasbro to Mego, we discuss what made our motors hum in the world of plastics, die cast and clamshell packages. Sit back and relax, it’s time for your Read More

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Punisher: War Zone

November 20, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Brent from the great podcast Home Video Hustle picks his PMI film, and it’s a MARVELOUS choice. Get it? It’s a film about a Marvel character. We also discuss chicken tenders vs. hot dogs and why the fuck did bacon get so popular in the last 10 years anyhow. Check out this episode!

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Dune (2021)

November 13, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

John, using the voice…. YOU WILL LISTEN TO JOE AND I DISCUSS THE LATEST INCARNATION OF DUNE!!! YOU WILL! It’s your 215th Pint! Check out this episode!

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October 31, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Happy Halloween!! We talk all about a HORROR CLASSIC!! Hellraiser is discussed. Hope you like slime, crickets, and midwestern british women! Thanks as always for listening! Check out this episode!

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October 28, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Our good pal Eve chooses her film for the PMI, and stays true to her self, with a full on HORROR film, a few days before Halloween! Terrified is an Argentinian scarefest that really gets us talking and theorizing about WTF is actually happening in it. Check under your bed from multiple angles, because it Read More

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Halloween Kills

October 23, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

The Stewarts, Rob and Amanda, join John to discuss the 109th entry into the Halloween series of films. Is this movie too goofy, or is it just going for a different vibe? We discuss whether or not the tone of this film lines up with the 1978 original, and laugh quite a bit as we Read More

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Halloween: Resurrection

October 16, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Stew joins me for a second year in a row to discuss one of the Halloween franchise films, and if it deserves it’s trash reputation. This time Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes and Katee Sackhoff face off against MM in an extremely 2002 way. That’s right, it is the reality show debut for the quiet little Read More

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Ocean’s Eight

October 9, 2021 Author: POC Podcast

Random Randy Savage of Cult 45 Podcast joins John and Guest Host Dr. Joe as we discuss Randy’s choice of film, 2018’s Ocean’s Eight. Is the conversation about the movie better than the movie? What is the best fast food in Randy’s hometown of Houston? Does an inch less bun make a good dietary choice? Read More

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