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Did Anybody Tell Jared Leto?

February 28, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

The Jo(h)ns get together and talk a whole slew of rando. Who did what on Super Bowl Sunday, what funny books are tickling our fancies, and who is the latest actor being courted to play Batman’s least favorite clown are a few of the questions we ask and answer right here. Also a well known piece Read More

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Full Box Insertion

February 20, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

We usually follow an outline or topic here on The Pint, as hard as that may be to believe. Not this episode! For our 35th, we just talked and talked, hopping subjects as we went along. DC finds a new writer to lead the Superman titles, Jon explains the details of his comic organization, sexual Read More

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So Unusually Heartfelt For Our Show

February 13, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Fellow WESU DJ and CT native Billy Johnstone sits down with the boys. Billy fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an actor on Broadway and has since choreographed, directed and taught in the theater world. An unusually inspiring episode of The Pint, as Billy takes us through his journey to the stage. Another of our Read More

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Show Me On The Action Figure Where The Last Jedi Touched You

February 6, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

G.I. Gary returns to sit in on another show. China as a country hates a recent megamovie which gives Sir Jon reason to relocate, old shows on FOX are discussed as well as the brilliance of early Eddie Murphy. Of course we also discuss O rings because there is no subject we cannot tangent to! Stay Read More

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C Is For Crack

January 31, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Did you ever wonder what got The Jo(h)ns into pop culture? Well, we are going to tell you anyways. From funny books to cartoons and beyond, we dive into our histories and what made us who we are, explorers of greater geekdom! Listen In! Check out this episode!

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Whitey Whitewashy

January 23, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Jon and John bounce around in a good ol’ fashioned Pint. Sandman and the death of a series inspiration, Star Trek goodness on TV again and a local CT microbrewery that did not exactly live up to Sir Jon’s expectations. Also if you dig the outro riff we have used since episode 1, we give Read More

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We Had A One Tree Hill Night

January 16, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Lou Skywalker sits in with Sir Jon and Ganache as we talk to The Dizzle himself, Chad Davis of the great podcast Pass The Effin Popcorn in the WESU studios. Topics range from Chad’s love for Saved By The Bell, the top ten films he saw in theaters in 2017 and what is coming up Read More

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Larry Don’t Do Auto Draft

January 9, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Stargate. The Crying Game. Fantasy Football. Black Christmas. The Archive. The Foreigner. Mentions of Dicknado and the failed Wonder Woman pilot. Per usual, an extremely focused episode of The Pint. Oh, and The Manster sits in. Oh, and a little Stephen King talk and lusting over Carla Gugino. Oh and…just Listen In. Check out this Read More

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Can We Move On To Dark Angel Now?

January 1, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Dem Boyz decided to do a big show for their 30th. How about bringing The Manster and Lou back to discuss the latest Disney movie? No, we ain’t talking cartoon mice or ducks, we mean Star Wars! Listen in as we yell and scream at each other over tactically improbable bombing runs, Yoda puppets, roasted Read More

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2 Flaggs!!!

December 25, 2017 Author: POC Podcast

A day late last week equals a day early this week! A fun episode from our WESU show, The Jo(h)ns and G.I. Gary host Flint Dille, writer, producer and creator extraordinaire! If you have seen the Sunbow Transformers or G.I. Joe cartoons of the 1980’s then you know Flint’s work. We discuss everything from that to Read More

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