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All Over Your Airwaves

February 25, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Tom Batiuk, creator of comic strips Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft joins The Jo(h)ns on this WESU archive classic from February of 2018. We discussed a lot of cool stuff, from his beginnings, to his progressing characters in a medium that tends to keep things static. Oh, and how it’s a hard sell for newspaper cartoonists Read More

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I’m Very Concerned About My Luggage

February 19, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Part 1 in a 8 Part Miniseries Scary Larry’s House Of Universal Horror   The Jo(h)ns and The Manster welcome America’s Sweetheart Larry Dwyer back to the show, this time to talk all about a certain 1931 vampire classic…Dracula! A historical film gets it’s respect from the guys but also elicits plenty of laughter. Is Read More

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Taco For A Moon

February 13, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Jon called out sick so Ganache blazed The Manster signal again, and a fun time was had. Hellboy and Us are featured trailer discussion, Box Office stats for 2018 are looked at and dissected and just how are we feeling about The Orville this year? All this and more on the almost 75th episode of Read More

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Over Burgers And Beer

January 31, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Longtime Marvel Writer/Artist/Editor Bob Budiansky joined us on the WESU radio show to discuss his storied career creating comics. From naming just about every damned Transformer that exists, to writing the comic they starred in and editing Spider-Man during a tumultuous time, Bob gave us a peek behind the curtain. Don’t fret fans of Sleepwalker, Read More

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Bob Smith’s Shoe

January 24, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

The Pint Movie Invitational Series: Part 4   Invitee: Rich Smith   Movie: Blade   Artist, podcaster and brand new dad Rich Smith joins Dem Boyz on the Invitational to talk Wesley Snipes! Oh, and Stephen Dorff too! That’s right, it is time to get down on 1998’s Blade. What Steven Spielberg film did it Read More

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Clam Magazine

January 15, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

The Road To 80 Begins Here! Mike Fullam, old friend of Ganache’s and Co Host of the new podcast J&M: Something Nothing Show returns to talk his passion…Nintendo. All 7 North American consoles are discussed, and Mike and our very own Lou Skywalker take the reins and pick their fave games for each iteration. What Read More

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Jubilee Is My Jam

January 8, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Sir Jon is still off in the ether, so The Manster and Ganache hold down the 215. Lloyd introduces The Manster Fanfare Questionnaire Extraordinaire, a survey meant to gauge the pulse and habits of fellow comic readers. From podcasting friends to artists from The Springfield Art Mafia and more, we see what makes fandom tick. Read More

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January 1, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

The WESU archives provides this week’s show, featuring artist, art restorer and guy who has a hard time spelling his own last name Michael Kelleher! Mike rejoins us to talk more about his extensive work in the world of the Four Color! Is he like a modern and less physical Indiana Jones, uncovering treasures of Read More

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Rewind Or Die

December 25, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

Bruce and Brian, the HorrorWave duo known as Satanic Panic ’81 joins us on the WESU show. We talk their debut album, their upcoming film project and because they are from Jersey, Springsteen of course. We also debuted 2 tracks from their record and discuss their tastes in Horror films. Merry Christmas everyone, and Listen Read More

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The Natural Way

December 18, 2018 Author: POC Podcast

The Manster fills in for Sir Jon and discusses with Ganache a whole bunch of comic show casting news, and react to some new trailers released in the last few weeks. After that things get festive as Dem Boyz discuss some favorite contemporary Christmas songs, and read off the picks of friends of The Pint. Read More

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