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The Roger Roger Dudes

February 20, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

Forgotten Cinema February continues on The Pint! Mike Butler makes his choice and decides to pick a very maligned entry in a very popular series. That’s right, we get down and dirty on The Phantom Menace. Butler’s partner in crime Mike Field barely can hide his venom for this one, and we have a lot Read More

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Chase The Dragon!

February 13, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

The Pint Movie Invitational is back and on this episode we bring the Mike’s of Forgotten Cinema Podcast onboard. Michael Field chooses the 1980 Disney film Midnight Madness, and his partner in crime Michael Butler sits in to discuss. From beer drinking jocks, to nerds who don’t understand coordinates, we guide you through this fun Read More

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Fog Salad

February 5, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

We play a game again! Pick Your Poison is a game of “what would you rather do?” and leaves us in some real quandries. From sperm banks to color commentators and beyond we navigate our way through this hilarious party game. The road to 125 continues right here! Check out this episode!

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All The Best Movies Are Ones I Didn’t See

January 29, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

Best Of 2019. What did we love, like or find interesting? Listen right here to find out. Road to 125 continues this way! Check out this episode!

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Hot Waffler

January 23, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

The Road to 125 is heating up! The 100 Proof Book Project resumes and we take on a DC modern classic. The first 8 issues of Suicide Squad are looked at and discussed. From plot elements that would not fly today, to Ganache’s awful confusion over which female character is which, this one has it Read More

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Clam Casino Royale

January 15, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

Scary Larry’s Pint O’ Horrors is back, and we discuss the next film that you guys voted on, the early 80’s sleaze classic Maniac. Hear Sir Jon do a new impression which creeps everyone out, listen in as we discuss hooker etiquette, find out what type of guys generally wear tank tops and hear us Read More

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Was That An Oubliette?

January 8, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

The Invitational stays close to the 215, as Ganache brings his pick. Sean from Horror News Network hangs out and discusses the poorly marketed, hard to describe Ravenous from 1999. Cannibals, rumors about Pee Wee Herman, fired directors and more in this episode. Come hang and have your 116th Pint! Check out this episode!

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Are They Saying Dantooine?

January 1, 2020 Author: POC Podcast

Welcome to The Pint Year 4. Join us for this episode that sounds like it should be about Star Wars from it’s title, but is not. Nope, we start 2020 by going back and discussing our Top 5 favorite Films from Y2K! That’s right. 20 years ago! From Jon Bon Jovi to drinking contests gone Read More

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Sandy Duncan As Mark Hamill

December 25, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

The last Pint of 2019! Sean of Horror News Network joins us again to discuss 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special. Why was Mark Hamill not allowed to blink during filming? What is up with Itchy’s porn chair? Will Jefferson Starship go platinum on Dantooine? Some of these answers on your 114th Pint! Onwards to year Read More

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Slithering Nut

December 17, 2019 Author: POC Podcast

Chris, creator of the great game Cheer Up! that we have enjoyed for a few years supplied us with a copy of his brand new game to review. We sit down and try our hands and vocabularies at Swearmints, another adult party game with a little dirt in it’s soul. What are Toon Pants? Garbage Read More

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