The Great Game, Harvester 9 through 11, 596CY

November 18, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

The group of 15 left the city of Veluna, headed east towards the hills known as the Lorridges. Choosing to go directly into the hills, the group has an uneventful trek until the 10th, where they locate the first village. Investigations of the tiny settlement of gnome-sized homes have them finding the lone remaining villager, Read More

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The Great Game

November 11, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

To mix it up here at the FtH page, every Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll be posting recaps from the weekly role-playing game sessions that I run for a group of people typically every Monday night. This game has been a concurrently running series of adventures using the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons first edition rule set, Read More

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