An Arguing With Myself Review: The Disaster Artist

January 18, 2018 Author: Chris Frodel

‘The Disaster Artist’, based on the book of the same name, chronicles Greg Sestero’s unique friendship with the cryptic, Tommy Wiseau. The film follows the two aspiring actors in their attempts at making it in Hollywood. From the struggles in finding acting roles to creating their own opportunity with the making of The Room: “The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made”.

Full disclosure, as of my writing this, I have not seen ‘The Room’. I’ve only heard about the film a few years ago. It was brought to my attention through an e-mail list I’m on through Bow-Tie Cinemas (Yep, I’m a card-carrying member). In it, they promoted the writer/director/star was touring with the project along with a meet and greet. The name of Tommy Wiseau was foreign to me, much like his “New Orleans” accent. I had no clue of the cult status the film had garnered.

Fast-Forward to the present and I find out a book was published about ‘The Room’, people still confuse it with ‘Room’, starring Brie Larson, and James Franco was passionate in making a film about the book, written about the film…confused? Stay with me.

With the awards season in full swing, ‘The Disaster Artist’ is a suitable contender. It’s been well-received by both critics and the average movie-goers, alike. You can include me in that crowd as well. What can I say? I’m a sucker for these types of films. ‘The Disaster Artist’ is a docudrama that gives us a look at the making of a film. A bad film. Even after viewing it, you’ll STILL scratch your head, wondering how ‘The Room’ even got made! By all intents and purposes, it shouldn’t have.

‘The Disaster Artist’ could’ve easily mocked its subject but in turn made a deeper film about tenacity, friendship & creating something on your own terms. James Franco deserves the accolades he receives for making The Disaster Artist. His performance, alone, deserves recognition. The fact that he painstakingly recreated key scenes from ‘The Room’ and placed them side-by-side at the end, is an achievement in itself. I’m curious on how I’ll view ‘The Room’ after seeing this. Whatever my thoughts are, you’ll be sure to see my review of the film, that spawned the book, that inspired an actor, to make a film…Whoa. That is meta.

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