About Us

Who are these guys anyway?

Pint O’ Comics: Two “real adults” who fittingly met in a comic shop navigating through the world of pop culture and more. Podcasting and writing about the things we love, we look to bring you a different perspective on comics, movies, books, TV and far beyond. Reviews, previews, rants, raves and the occasional screaming match or punch thrown, our passion is for the four color, the binge watch, the overblown trilogy or quadrilogy and all that fits in between. Let’s all have some damned fun while we’re at it! Listen in and read along, we plan on taking you for a ride you won’t forget quickly.


Jon JohnsonViking by nature, pirate by nurture, Jon “Sir Jon” Johnson is a wordsmith, reader, game master and curmudgeon of growing notoriety. With flask in hand, he will prove to you the greatness of any game, comic or film by comparing it to SPEED 2. He can typically be found reading independent comics, Raymond Chandler or archaeological magazines, watching films of an earlier era, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with a large group known as the Fond of Justice (League). He can be befriended with a good, dark ale but he may be difficult to get rid of if you do.


John AmentaJohn Amenta (Ganache) was born in the height of Star Wars popularity and raised in the 80’s, by He-Man, Roadblock and Michael Knight. A neighbor would bestow hand me down Starlog and Fangoria magazines instilling a love for genre storytelling. A subscription to the monthly Marvel G.I. Joe comic steeped him further in the fantastic. This passion for all things make believe and ability to talk for hours led to the world of podcasting, and eventually radio. Now poised to take the world by storm with his finely crafted vessel Pint O’ Comics, John seeks to provide no bullshit discussion on the stuff so many of us love. And yes, it is hard to get rid of Sir Jon.


Minion #1 Lou:
Have been gaming as long as I can remember, got my first Nintendo for Christmas in 1985 and never looked back; The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Dragon Warrior changed my life. Got my tabletop start at the age of 11 when I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons by my friend’s older brother (I still have the original dice he gave me 27 years later). I am also a part time game streamer.


Minion #2 G.I. Gary:
The son of a US Army officer, on Christmas 1984 I was introduced to G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Waging war on Cobra with my brother began the 80s dominance of TV shows acting as 30 minute toy infomercials. With Transformers, Robotech, Voltron, and MASK filling up the toy box and the tube influencing my imagination and that next toy I needed to ask my parents for. In 1991 I discovered comic books of my beloved G.I. Joe and that led into the 90s hype of X-Men & Superman. After high school took a decade long break from toys and most comics (never stopping collecting new issues of G.I. Joe) and thanks to a little one in my life, have rediscovered the joys of toys and comics sparking the imagination and engaging play time.